World Youth Festival 2024

World Youth Festival 2024 Empowering Young Leaders Globally

The World Youth Festival 2024: Empowering Young Leaders Globally

A Global Platform for Young Leaders

From March 1-7, 2024, Sochi will host the World Youth Festival, a premier event that brings together 20,000 young leaders from Russia and around the world. This festival provides a unique opportunity for teenagers and young adults to engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and develop valuable connections.


Empowering Young Leaders in Public Diplomacy

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Support Foundation is proud to present the educational programme “NPOs: Creation and Development” at the World Youth Festival. This programme is specifically designed for leaders and managers of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in international projects.


Expert Insights and Guidance

Over three days, participants will engage in:

  • Consultations with experts from Russian organizations that allocate grants for international projects, providing valuable insights into the grant-making process.
  • Seminars on legal and financial aspects of working with grants, ensuring participants are equipped to navigate the complexities of international grant projects.
  • Lectures on implementing international grant projects in the field of public diplomacy, highlighting best practices and success stories.
  • Group work on joint international projects, fostering collaboration and innovation among participants.


Language and Eligibility

The working language is Russian, however, simultaneous English translation ensures participation without language barriers. In addition to this, the program welcomes leaders or managers of Russian and foreign NGOs implementing projects internationally.


Application Process and Eligibility Criteria

Applicants over 35 years old can participate in the programme without registering on the World Youth Festival website. However, applicants under 35 years old must register on the festival’s website before applying. The deadline for applications is January 10, 23:59 (MSC). Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a global community of young leaders shaping the future!


Global Representation and Opportunities

The 2024 World Youth Festival will showcase Latin America and BRICS nations. Consequently, it becomes a worldwide gathering. This rare chance allows young leaders to network globally. Moreover, they can learn from professionals in public diplomacy. Additionally, they will hone skills for international grant projects. The festival connects peers across borders. Furthermore, youth develop expertise through workshops. Ultimately, they gain valuable public diplomacy experience. In short, the World Youth Festival fosters global understanding.

The World Youth Festival 2024 presents an unmissable opportunity for young leaders. Firstly, they can connect with others. Secondly, they can learn from experts. Thirdly, they can grow their skills. With its emphasis on public diplomacy and international grant projects, this event empowers the next generation. Ultimately, attendees will gain tools to make a positive global impact. Therefore, apply now to join a worldwide community of young leaders shaping the future.

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