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The V Meeting of BRICS Culture Ministers September 3 2020

The 5th Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Culture was held on September 3, 2020, in a virtual meeting organized by the Russian Federation. The meeting aimed to promote cultural activities and strengthen cooperation among the BRICS countries. The ministers recognized the importance of culture in modern society and reaffirmed their commitments to the Curitiba Declaration and the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Culture.

The main scope of the meeting was to establish a BRICS Working Group on Culture, which will comprise senior officials from the member states. The group’s objective is to exchange information and promote dialogue on culture within BRICS. The group will meet at least once a year and inform each other about upcoming large-scale events.

The ministers also agreed to cooperate in various areas, including:

  • Museums: enhancing cooperation through joint exhibitions, conferences, and online projects
  • Libraries: supporting the activities of the BRICS Library Alliance and promoting exhibition projects
  • Preservation of cultural heritage: exchanging information on management, preservation, and restoration of historical and cultural heritage
  • Art and folk art: cooperating in musical, theatrical, and other forms of performing arts, and exchanging best practices between interested cultural institutions
  • Cinema: supporting initiatives in the field of cinema and participating in forums and festivals
  • Online events: sharing online events and video content on national Internet resources

Overall, the meeting demonstrated the commitment of the BRICS states to strengthen cultural cooperation and promote cultural activities among the member states.

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