Park Forum 2024 Projects for Sustainable Urban Development

Park Forum 2024 Uniting Industry Projects for Sustainable Urban Development

Uniting Industry Projects for Sustainable Urban Development: Park Forum 2024

A Pioneering Event in Moscow

On April 3-4, 2024, the Moscow exhibition complex Expocentre will host a pioneering park forum, bringing together several industry projects under one roof. To begin with, the event will feature the first International Park Forum of BRICS countries. Additionally, it will host the IV International Exhibition and Conference on creation, maintenance, and development of comfortable urban environments, recreation parks, public spaces, and specially protected natural areas. Furthermore, the first All-Russian meeting of park directors will take place.

Firstly, the BRICS Park Forum will bring together representatives from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Secondly, the exhibition and conference will showcase the latest innovations and best practices in urban planning and park management. Moreover, it will facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration among industry experts.

Finally, the All-Russian meeting of park directors will provide a platform for professionals to discuss challenges, share experiences, and explore opportunities for cooperation. In conclusion, this comprehensive event promises to be a significant gathering for those involved in shaping sustainable and livable urban environments.

A Global Gathering of Experts

The park forum will be attended by representatives from most regions, including heads of city and regional administrations, heads of ministries and departments, park directors of the country, and united park directorates. International experts from China, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Iran, UAE, Belarus, and Qatar will share their insights on creating sustainable urban environments. Consequently, this diverse gathering of professionals will facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

ParkSeason Expo: A Platform for Innovation

ParkSeason Expo, traditionally the most significant business event of the park industry, will showcase the latest advancements in park development and management. With over 4,000 delegates representing the professional community, the event will feature sections dedicated to the most pressing issues of creating a comfortable urban environment. Notably, the expo will provide a unique opportunity for park directors and industry experts to explore innovative solutions and best practices.

Education and Capacity Building

For the first time, Russia will host an educational program. This program targets managers of park institutions. Its aim is to enhance their professional capacity. Ultimately, it enables them to effectively manage and develop parks.

Moreover, the program caters to local communities’ needs. Additionally, it will foster a network of park professionals. This network promotes cooperation and best practice exchange.

During the Park Forum, organizers will unveil this pioneering initiative. It upskills park managers across the country. 

Recognizing Excellence in Park Development

The conference will host an awarding ceremony. This ceremony honors the winners of the first All-Russian Park Award “Parks of Russia.” It spans 23 nominations under “Park of the Year” and “Company of the Year” categories.

Moreover, the Russian Parks Association established this award. They collaborated with the Ministry of Construction, the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, and the All-Russian Association for Local Self-Government’s Development.

During the Park Forum, organizers will recognize the award winners. The ceremony celebrates parks and companies contributing to urban green spaces. 

A Landmark Event in the Industry

The Park Forum 2024 aims to become a landmark industry event. It will foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among park directors, experts, and government representatives. These attendees will come from around the world.

Moreover, the forum offers a diverse program. Its esteemed attendees make it an unmissable event. Therefore, mark your calendars for April 3-4, 2024.

By attending, you can shape the future of sustainable urban development. The Park Forum provides a platform for networking and idea exchange. Consequently, it drives progress in creating greener, more livable cities.

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