Development Goals UAE’s Progress Towards Achieving

Development Goals

Accelerating Progress Towards Development Goals

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making significant strides towards achieving development goals, with the National Committee for Sustainable Development Goals playing a pivotal role in driving progress. The committee’s recent meeting marked a crucial step forward in the country’s journey towards a sustainable future.

Intensifying Efforts for Sustainable Development

The National Committee is chaired by His Excellency Abdullah Nasser Lootah. He is the esteemed Assistant Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Competitiveness and Knowledge Exchange. In a resolute call, he underscored the need to intensify efforts and accelerate implementation. Consequently, desired national progress can be attained.The committee, driven by steadfast commitment, aims to follow up meticulously. Specifically, it will track the progress of development goal indicators. Moreover, it seeks to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Additionally, it strives to foster robust cooperation between government and private sector stakeholders. The committee firmly believes this strategic partnership is crucial. In essence, collaboration holds the synergistic power for achieving sustainable growth and development.

Committee’s Vital Role in Translating UAE’s Directions

Instrumental in interpreting the UAE’s aspirations and bolstering its participation in international initiatives, the National Committee for Sustainable Development Goals assumes a pivotal function. Its responsibilities and proficiencies are essential for collaborating with pertinent authorities to harmonize and evaluate national policies, strategies, and objectives.

UAE’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

The UAE’s leadership has prioritized sustainable development goals. Consequently, they have adopted a vision to accelerate achieving these goals. Additionally, this vision aims to enhance participation in international efforts.The announcement of 2024 as the Year of Sustainability Extension underscores the UAE’s commitment. Specifically, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President, declared this extension. This move demonstrates the nation’s firm dedication to this crucial field.

National Committee’s Initiatives and Achievements

Since its inception, the National Committee for Sustainable Development Goals has supported the state’s directions and national initiatives aimed at achieving these objectives. The committee has actively participated in enhancing the UAE’s participation and leadership in supporting international efforts to realize betterment objectives. Its work has expanded the circle of projects and launched initiatives to accelerate the attainment of sustainable development across various fields.

General Secretariat’s Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The General Secretariat of the National Committee for Sustainable Development Goals has been instrumental in holding introductory and technical meetings in cooperation with the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics. These meetings have facilitated discussions on the national plan for sustainable aims and the achievements of ministries and government agencies in adopting their indicators.

Outcomes of the Meeting and Future Plans

The National Committee reviewed the outcomes of the progress report on adopting the national plan for sustainable development data and the mechanisms for following up on achieving the tragets. The committee also touched on the most prominent initiatives supervised by the National Committee, including the global councils for sustainable development goals established as part of the Global Government Summit 2018.

The gathering deliberated on various outcomes and initiatives. Firstly, it discussed the results of the Forum and the Young Leaders Programme. Secondly, it examined the nation’s involvement in two voluntary national reviews. These reviews assessed the attainment of global objectives. Additionally, the gathering evaluated the nation’s preparedness to submit the voluntary review in 2026.Furthermore, preparations are underway for the UAE’s participation in two key events. Firstly, the Science and Innovation Forum. Secondly, the High-Level Political Forum, a high-level UN meeting. Notably, this forum is one of the most crucial international platforms. Its purpose is to track progress in realizing betterment goals next July.

To summarize, the UAE’s endeavors to realize sustainable objectives are gaining traction, and the National Committee for Sustainable Development Goals is assuming a crucial function in expediting progress and amplifying the nation’s involvement in worldwide efforts to attain growth objectives. The committee’s dedication to sustainable aims exemplifies the UAE’s commitment to forging a better future for its citizens and the global community.

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