Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival

Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival

The Spirit of Fire International Film Festival

The 22nd iteration of the esteemed Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival is set to take place in Khanty-Mansiysk from the 23rd to the 26th of March, coinciding with Russia’s tenure as the chair of BRICS in 2024. This year’s focus is on “The Special Language of National Cinema in BRICS,” highlighting the distinctive storytelling and filmic styles of the BRICS countries.


Showcasing Exemplary Films from Around the World

The film festival will present a selection of exemplary films from Russia and ten other nations, offering a unique platform for cultural exchange and artistic expression. In conjunction with the main event, the festival will also feature a series of business sessions and educational initiatives.


Education and Business Sessions

The Spirit of Fire film festival will impart practical and theoretical knowledge through its educational aspect. It will host talks on emerging trends and effective regional filmmaking practices from countries like Russia, India, and China. Additionally, the festival’s business discussions will address pivotal film industry topics. These include growth prospects, educational needs, and facilitating cultural exchanges within the industry. The Spirit of Fire aims to enlighten attendees on both creative and commercial fronts of filmmaking.


Distinguished Participants and Partners

Esteemed figures from the Russian and international film sectors, including media executives and notable public personalities, will engage in these dialogues. Distinguished participants include the Cultural Attaché of the Iranian Embassy in Russia, Masoud Ahmadvand; actor and director Behrouz Shoaybi; and many more. VKontakte, a leading social network and streaming service, is partnered with the festival for this edition.


A Legacy of Cultural Significance

The festival has consistently received support from the Khanty-Mansi government since its inception in 2002. Additionally, acclaimed film director Emir Kusturica has led the festival as its president since 2022. Furthermore, Gazprom Neft, the general partner, has backed the event for 18 years. Consequently, it has enabled the development of a comprehensive cultural and educational programme. This programme forms an integral part of the festival offerings. Moreover, Gazprom Neft’s long-standing support underscores its commitment to the event. Ultimately, the festival can provide a diverse range of activities thanks to this partnership.

The Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival celebrates national cinema in BRICS countries spectacularly. It showcases a diverse range of films from these nations. Additionally, the festival offers educational initiatives and business sessions. Attendees cannot afford to miss this comprehensive cinematic experience. The Spirit of Fire promises an immersive exploration of BRICS filmmaking through its engaging programs. Join the festivities in Khanty-Mansiysk and experience the magic of cinematic storytelling from around the world.

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