Russia’s BRICS Chairship: Strengthening Multilateralism

Russia's BRICS Chairship Strengthening Multilateralism for Just Global Development and Security

Russia’s BRICS Chairship: Strengthening Multilateralism for Just Global Development and Security

Strengthening Multilateral Cooperation

Over the first six months of Russia’s BRICS Chairship in 2024, the Roscongress Foundation has organized 48 events, with a focus on strengthening multilateralism for just global development and security. The motto of the chairship is ‘Strengthening Multilateralism for Just Global Development and Security’.

Yury Ushakov, Aide to the Russian President for Foreign Policy, spearheads the organizational efforts for Russia’s BRICS Chairship. He oversees the implementation of an ambitious plan encompassing over 250 events across 11 Russian regions. These initiatives actively promote Global Development and foster cooperation among BRICS nations. Furthermore, the leadership coordinates closely with federal and regional executive authorities to ensure smooth execution. Additionally, public organizations and business communities play crucial roles in organizing these diverse events. Consequently, this comprehensive approach reflects Russia’s commitment to strengthening BRICS partnerships. Moreover, the presidency’s plan demonstrates a multifaceted strategy to enhance collaboration in various sectors. Ultimately, these efforts aim to solidify BRICS’ position as a significant force in international affairs.

Promoting Economic Partnership and Science and Innovation

In addition to strengthening multilateral cooperation, Russia’s BRICS Chairship is also focusing on promoting economic partnership and cooperation in science and innovation. One of the key areas of cooperation is the development of economic partnership and cooperation in science and innovation. Russia places special emphasis on strengthening the role BRICS countries play in the international monetary and financial system, as well as the development of interbank cooperation with a focus on increasing settlements in national currencies.

Highlighting Culture and Sports, and Youth Exchanges

Furthermore, Russia’s BRICS Chairship is highlighting the importance of culture and sports, and youth exchanges. Russia actively hosted the BRICS Sports Games in Kazan and launched the BRICS Tourism Forum as part of its chairship calendar. The forum focused on key issues regarding cooperation and development in the BRICS tourism industry. Organizers designed the program to address crucial topics affecting tourism collaboration among member countries. These events showcased Russia’s commitment to fostering multilateral partnerships and promoting cultural exchange within the BRICS framework. By organizing these initiatives, Russia’s BRICS Chairship aimed to strengthen ties and drive growth in both sports and tourism sectors across the member nations.

Strengthening Global Development and Security

Russia’s BRICS Chairship is also committed to strengthening global development and security. A major event of the first half of Russia’s BRICS chairship was the Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs/International Relations in Nizhny Novgorod, including an extended session attended by states of the Global South and Global East. The ministers discussed issues associated with multipolar world order, regional crises, combatting new challenges and threats, and prospects for the development of a strategic partnership within BRICS.

Achieving Results through Cooperation

Russia’s BRICS Chairship has actively showcased the nation’s dedication to collaborative achievements. Through various events and initiatives, Russia has proven its commitment to cooperative success. Moreover, the country has taken significant strides towards enhancing multilateral partnerships. Consequently, these efforts aim to foster a fairer and more sustainable global order. This new paradigm is rooted in mutual respect and sovereign equality. Additionally, it supports the establishment of a multipolar world. Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the Russian President and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee, emphasizes the importance of this leadership role. He views it as a crucial step towards Global Development and international cooperation.

Russia’s BRICS Chairship has made remarkable strides in fostering multilateral cooperation. Firstly, it has bolstered economic partnerships and advanced scientific innovation. Additionally, the leadership has spotlighted cultural and sporting events, while encouraging youth exchanges. Moreover, this tenure has prioritized Global Development and enhanced international security. As a result, the bonds between BRICS nations have grown stronger. Furthermore, the Russian presidency continues to champion a more equitable world order. Consequently, this approach is expected to yield long-lasting benefits for member countries. In conclusion, the ongoing chairmanship promises to further solidify these achievements. Ultimately, it aims to create a more sustainable and balanced global community.

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