BRICS Partnership Strengthen Russia and South Africa


The recent call between Putin and Ramaphosa signified a milestone. Russia’s President discussed the BRICS partnership with his South African counterpart. Moreover, they deliberated the dynamics of expanded BRICS membership.According to the Kremlin’s website, the leaders explored avenues for cooperation. Specifically, they focused on collaboration within the BRICS framework. Additionally, they addressed the inclusion of new member nations. Consequently, this dialogue underscores Russia’s commitment to the BRICS partnership.

Strengthening BRICS Ties: A Strategic Partnership

The dialogue took place against the backdrop of South Africa handing over the BRICS chairmanship to Russia. Both Presidents acknowledged the robust strategic partnership that exists between Russia and South Africa, covering a range of sectors including trade, economics, energy, and humanitarian initiatives. This partnership has been instrumental in driving growth and development in both nations.

In the realm of trade, Russia and South Africa have made significant strides. Bilateral trade between the two nations has witnessed a substantial increase, with Russian exports to South Africa growing by 16.5% in 2022. Furthermore, the two nations have been actively cooperating in the energy sector, with Russian energy giant Rosatom collaborating with South African energy company Eskom to develop nuclear energy projects.

A Decade of BRICS Membership: South Africa’s Contribution

South Africa’s accession to BRICS in 2011, two years after the formation of the group, marked a significant milestone. Over the past decade, South Africa has been an active and influential member, contributing substantially to the alliance’s initiatives and objectives. The nation has played a crucial role in shaping BRICS’ policies and programs, particularly in the areas of economic development and social justice.

Expressing Solidarity and Cooperation

Ramaphosa conveyed profound sympathies to Russia after the Crocus City tragedy. He sent a solidarity message, extending condolences to the bereaved. Additionally, he wished a swift recovery for those injured.In June 2023, Putin and Ramaphosa met informally in St. Petersburg. There, they discussed Russia’s economy with African leaders. Undoubtedly, this meeting highlighted the strong friendship between their nations. Furthermore, it demonstrated their commitment to cooperation within the BRICS partnership. The informal dialogue allowed substantive discussions on economic matters. Consequently, it strengthened the bonds between Russia and South Africa.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for BRICS

As BRICS nations continue to strengthen their ties, the collaboration between Russia and South Africa serves as a shining example of the power of economic cooperation and strategic partnerships. By working together, these nations can drive growth, development, and prosperity in the region. With BRICS nations accounting for over 40% of the global population and 25% of global GDP, the potential for growth and development is vast.

In conclusion, the recent telephone conversation between Presidents Putin and Ramaphosa marks a significant step forward in the cooperative efforts of their nations within the framework of BRICS. As the two nations continue to strengthen their ties, the future of BRICS looks brighter than ever.

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