Niteroi Crowned Tree City of the World for Third Consecutive Year


Niteroi Crowned Tree City of the World for Third Consecutive Year

Niteroi earned the prestigious “Tree City of the World” title. For the third consecutive year, it achieved this recognition. Consequently, Niteroi solidified its position as a world leader. It excels in tree planting and care initiatives. The Food and Agriculture Organization awards this designation. Specifically, it is part of their Tree Cities programme. This programme emphasizes effective urban forest planning. Moreover, it focuses on management and maintenance. Ultimately, Niteroi’s efforts garnered international acclaim from the UN agency.


A Shift Towards Sustainability

Mayor Axel Grael acknowledges the significant shift in local environmental policy, with conservation becoming a priority. The city is investing in reforestation, improving sanitation, and implementing major greening and reforestation programs. This international recognition encourages Niteroi to further develop its focus on sustainability and social responsibility.


Expanding Urban Forests

The municipality plans to boost tree planting significantly. Currently, workers plant 70 saplings monthly. However, this number will increase to 200. Additionally, the focus will shift to locally specific species. Niteroi already boasts over 55,000 trees. Moreover, the city records each one in its geo-information system. This system allows efficient management. Consequently, Niteroi can track and maintain its urban forest effectively.


A Model City for Greening

Dayse Monassa, the municipality’s subordinate secretary for nature conservation, emphasizes the importance of gaining international recognition and increasing the number of trees planted. The team is committed to expanding green spaces in Niteroi, aiming to make it a model city for greening.


The Power of International Recognition

The Tree Cities designation is awarded to cities that demonstrate a strong commitment to conserving and managing urban green spaces. This recognition has the potential to attract investment and promote the development of sustainable public spaces, ultimately improving the quality of life for residents.

Niteroi reaffirmed its commitment to urban forestry and sustainability. Consequently, it earned the Tree City of the World title for three straight years. Moreover, this achievement inspires other municipalities to emulate Niteroi’s path. Ultimately, they aim for a greener, more eco-friendly tomorrow. Niteroi leads by example, promoting responsible practices. Additionally, it encourages cities worldwide to prioritize environmental stewardship.

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