Competition Law and Policy: Insights from BRICS Conference

New Dimensions in Competition Law and Policy Insights from BRICS Conference

New Dimensions in Competition Law and Policy: Insights from BRICS Conference

The 8th International Competition Conference, held under the auspices of BRICS, commenced on Wednesday, 11 October, in New Delhi, India. Ravneet Kaur, Chairperson of the Competition Commission of India (CCI), highlighted the significance of this event, which focuses on “New issues in competition law and policy, dimensions, perspectives, and challenges”.

A Landmark Event in India

This conference marks a significant milestone, being the first of its kind in India in over a decade. The two-day event brings together an illustrious gathering of over 600 delegates from competition authorities of BRICS and non-BRICS countries, renowned competition law experts, non-governmental consultants, and visiting specialists from around the world.

Global Insights and Expertise

The conference provides a unique platform for delegates to engage in meaningful discussions and share their expertise on various aspects of competition law and policy. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration among regulators, lawyers, economists, and academics from diverse backgrounds.

BRICS Competition Authorities Take Center Stage

On Friday, the heads of the BRICS competition authorities will take center stage, delivering speeches at the closing ceremony and signing a joint statement. Consequently, this event is poised to have a lasting impact on the global landscape of competition law and policy. Moreover, the joint statement will likely outline shared principles and priorities for regulatory cooperation.

Additionally, it may highlight areas for further collaboration among BRICS nations. Overall, this culminating event represents a significant milestone in the efforts to harmonize competition frameworks across jurisdictions. Furthermore, it underscores the growing importance of multilateral dialogue and coordination in this domain. In essence, the BRICS platform is emerging as a influential voice shaping the future trajectory of global competition policy.

The Way Forward 

As the conference concludes, the focus will shift to implementation and action. The joint statement signed by the BRICS competition authorities will likely outline key areas of cooperation and collaboration, paving the way for future developments in competition law and policy.

The 8th BRICS Competition Conference gathered diverse stakeholders. The shared insights will shape this field’s future direction. Ultimately, consumers and businesses will benefit alike.

Moreover, the conference fostered ‘Regulatory Cooperation’ among BRICS nations. Participants exchanged views on enforcement challenges transparently. As a result, opportunities for harmonizing approaches emerged. This collaboration enhances legal certainty for cross-border operations.In essence, such platforms promote policy convergence progressively. They facilitate aligning ‘Competition Law and Policy’ frameworks globally. Consequently, an integrated, level playing field takes shape gradually.

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