Lula da Silva Aims to Tour All 26 Brazilian States in 6 Months

Lula da Silva Aims to Tour All 26 Brazilian States in 6 Months

Lula da Silva Aims to Tour All 26 Brazilian States in 6 Months

A New Era of Regional Cooperation

Brazilian President Lula da Silva is embarking on an ambitious journey to tour all 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District within the first six months of 2024. This bold move is part of his commitment to intensify his diplomatic work and strengthen ties with regional authorities.


Reaching Out to the Hinterland

To achieve this feat, Lula da Silva has called upon his ministers to step up their efforts in the states, not just in the capitals, but also in the rural areas. According to Citizens’ Affairs Minister Rui Costa, the president’s staff is preparing a schedule. This schedule will ensure the president visits all 27 regions in the first half of the year. This move expects to boost development and improve living standards in rural areas. Rural areas have long suffered from neglect.


A Year of Diplomacy

So far, Lula da Silva has dedicated a significant portion of his tenure to diplomatic work, having made 15 international trips to 24 countries across four continents. His overseas engagements have kept him out of the country for 62 days. This intense diplomatic work has solidified Brazil’s position on the global stage, fostering stronger relationships with international partners.


Bridging the Gap Between States

Lula da Silva prepares for his nationwide tour. He will focus on bridging the federal-regional gap. Consequently, this move expects to promote greater cooperation. Additionally, it will foster better understanding between states and the federal government. Ultimately, more effective governance will result.


MERCOSUR and Beyond

Brazil will host over 100 working group meetings, both virtual and in-person, culminating in a summit of heads of government and states in Rio de Janeiro on November 18-19, 2024. Additionally, Brazil has handed over the interim presidency of the sub-regional South American trade and economic union (MERCOSUR) to Paraguay. This move is expected to strengthen regional cooperation and promote economic growth.


A Commitment to Regional Development

As the President embarks on this ambitious journey, his commitment to diplomatic work and regional cooperation is evident. With his sights set on touring all 26 Brazilian states, the president is poised to make a lasting impact on the country’s development and international relations.


A Brighter Future Ahead

Lula da Silva embarked on a nationwide tour. This move significantly promotes regional development. Moreover, it strengthens diplomatic efforts. Additionally, the tour fosters greater cooperation between states and the federal government. As Brazil progresses, one aspect becomes evident. Lula da Silva demonstrates unwavering commitment. Undoubtedly, he aims to leave an enduring legacy. Consequently, future generations will reap the benefits.

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