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Letter of Intention on Creative Economy

The Ministers in charge of Culture of BRICS countries

Conscious of the importance of the creative economy for economic development

Committed to the implementation of the “Agreement between Governments of the BRICS States on Cooperation in the Field of Culture”

Reaffirming their commitment to continue implementing the Action Plan for the years 2017-2021

Acknowledging the importance of professionals’ mobility in the creative economy in order to stimulate opportunities for growth

Agree to

  1. Exchange information about events on creative economy taking place in their countries
  2. Exchange information on their respective statistics on creative economy
  3. Coordinate efforts towards the mobility of professionals to those events on the other countries
  4. Strengthen their cooperation in conducting joint cooperative activities, such as roundtables, during the events on creative economy in their respective countries
  5. Establish an exchange of ideas on how to preserve the authenticity of heritage craft product, vis à vis, the contemporary, market-driven product
  6. Participate in each others performing arts platforms.

General Clauses

  1. Cooperation under this Letter of Intent begins on the date of signature
  2. This Letter of Intent is intended to cover activities for the remaining period of the Action Plan 2017-2021.
  3. This Letter of Intent is not legally binding and is not intended to give rise to any rights or obligations under either domestic or international law.
  4. This Letter of Intent can be jointly modified at any time in writing.
  5. Each Country intends to bear its own costs and expenditures incurred in connection with the activities under this Letter of Intent.
  6. The best practices in developing creative economy initiatives would be incorporated in the next Action Plan 2022-2026 to be adopted.
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