Iran’s Fishery Exports Soar 15% in 2023


Iran’s Fishery Exports Soar 15% in 2023: A Booming Aquaculture Industry

Iran’s fishery exports have experienced a remarkable surge, with a 15% increase in 2023, driven by the country’s thriving aquaculture industry.


Rapid Growth in Fish Product Exports

Iran exported 186,000 tonnes of fish products from March 21, 2023 to February 19, 2024. Iran valued this quantity at US$337.7 million. Compared to the prior year, it showed a 6.5% increase in value. Additionally, the quantity increased by 15.3%. Moreover, Hossein Hosseini, the IFO head, reported total fish exports worth US$600 million in 2022. This figure demonstrates Iran’s substantial fish export industry. Consequently, the country aims to further boost exports.


Aquaculture Industry on the Rise

Iran’s aquaculture industry is rapidly expanding. The country is emerging as a leader for certain fish products. This growth stems from Iran’s focus on improving aquaculture practices. Additionally, it has invested in modern farming technologies. Moreover, Iran promotes sustainable fishing practices. These efforts have driven the industry’s rapid growth. As a result, Iran is becoming a prominent aquaculture producer. Consequently, the country aims to maintain this positive trajectory.


International Recognition

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recognises Iran’s significant contribution to the regional fishing industry and views the country as a model for others to follow in this sector. This recognition is a testament to Iran’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices and its efforts to develop its aquaculture industry.


Government Support and Initiatives

The Iranian government has implemented various initiatives to support the growth of the aquaculture industry, including providing financial incentives, promoting research and development, and enhancing fisheries management. Moreover, the government has established policies to ensure the sustainable use of marine resources, protect the marine environment, and promote eco-tourism.


Future Prospects

Iran continues investing in its aquaculture industry. Iran expects its fishery exports to grow further consequently. This will solidify Iran’s position as a regional fishing leader.

Moreover, Iran focuses on sustainability and modernization. As a result, it is poised to become a major global player. The country aims to expand in the fishery market.


In conclusion, Iran’s fishery exports surged significantly in 2023. This surge was driven by the booming aquaculture industry. Additionally, government support and international recognition contributed to growth.

Furthermore, Iran’s focus on sustainability is a key factor. Consequently, the country is well-positioned for continued fishery sector growth. Its trajectory in this sector looks promising.

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