Egypt’s Trade Volume & Top Trading Partners

Egypt's Trade Volume Examining the Country's Top Trading Partners ($85.662 billion)

Egypt’s Trade Volume: Examining the Country’s Top Trading Partners ($85.662 billion)

Egypt’s trade volume has witnessed significant growth in recent years, with the country’s total trade volume from July 2022 to March 2023 reaching an impressive $85.662 billion. This substantial figure is comprised of $54.606 billion in imports and $31.056 billion in exports. But have you ever wondered which countries have contributed the most to Egypt’s trade volume?


The Importance of Top Trading Partners

Notably, Egypt’s top 14 trading partners accounted for a substantial 61.7% of the country’s total trade volume. Specifically, imports from these partners amounted to $32.302 billion, while exports reached $20.579 billion. As a result, this data underscores the vital role that these trading partners play in Egypt’s international trade. Furthermore, it demonstrates the concentrated nature of Egypt’s trade relationships. Consequently, these key partners significantly influence the country’s economic landscape and global trade position.


Leading the Way: Egypt’s Top 4 Trading Partners

So, which countries have emerged as Egypt’s top trading partners during this period?

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE): With a total trade volume (TTV) of approximately $6.645 billion, the UAE takes the top spot as Egypt’s leading trading partner. The UAE’s strategic location and strong economic ties with Egypt have contributed to this significant trade volume.
  • The United States: The US comes in second, with a TTV of $5.913 billion, solidifying its position as a key player in Egypt’s international trade. The US is a significant importer of Egyptian goods, particularly cotton and textiles.
  • China: With a TTV of $5.891 billion, China ranks third, highlighting the growing importance of Asian markets in Egypt’s trade. China’s expanding economy and increasing demand for Egyptian products have driven this growth.
  • Saudi Arabia: Rounding out the top four is Saudi Arabia, with a TTV of $5.031 billion, underscoring the significance of Middle Eastern trade partners in Egypt’s economy. Saudi Arabia is a major importer of Egyptian agricultural products and machinery.

The Future of Egypt’s International Trade

In conclusion, Egypt’s top trading partners, notably the UAE, US, China, and Saudi Arabia, have significantly boosted its trade volume. Moving forward, these relationships will likely evolve as Egypt grows its international trade. Moreover, new trading partners may emerge, adding to the country’s economic diversity. Consequently, Egypt stands on a strong foundation to seize fresh opportunities. In the coming years, the nation is well-positioned to expand its trade volume further. Ultimately, Egypt’s economic future looks promising as it continues to strengthen its global trade connections.

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