BRICSonomics 2024 Economic Prospects and Challenges


BRICSonomics 2024

BRICSonomics 2024: Exploring Economic Prospects and Challenges

On April 23rd, MGIMO, in collaboration with the Makarenko Economic Club Oeconomicus, will host the renowned BRICSonomics 2024 forum. This prominent event aims to convene a diverse group of attendees, including participants and esteemed guests, to engage in insightful discussions on the economic prospects and challenges confronting the BRICS member countries.

Unlocking Economic Potential

The primary objective of BRICSonomics 2024 is to engage future experts and explore BRICS development. Anna Lisina, Editor-in-Chief of TV BRICS, will kick off the event with a welcome address. During the forum’s plenary session, she will share insights into the network’s activities. Moreover, her speech will set the tone for the engaging discussions and interactive sessions to follow.Lisina’s address is expected to set the tone for the event. Emphasizing the importance of cooperation and collaboration among BRICS member countries.

Debates and Investment Opportunities

Participants will engage in BRICSonomics debates and an investment game. The event will center around three main themes. These themes will address critical economic challenges faced by the BRICS association. Discussions will cover a wide range of topics. For instance, they will explore the potential introduction of a single BRICS currency. Additionally, they will examine the economic feasibility of BRICS expansion. Moreover, the organizers will facilitate an interactive investment game. This game, titled “Attracting Investments to the BRICS Countries,” will enable participants to collaborate with experts and network with peers.This game will enable participants to collaborate with experts and network with peers.

The investment game aims to mimic real-world economic scenarios. Participants will develop and present their unique investment strategies for the BRICS countries. This interactive approach fosters creative thinking. It also encourages the development of innovative solutions to the BRICSonomics challenges confronting the BRICS nations.

A Diverse Audience

The upcoming event is poised to draw a diverse crowd, ranging from schoolchildren to young professionals. Attendees will hail not only from Russia but also other BRICS nations. This gathering presents a rare chance for participants to forge connections, exchange ideas, and gain key insights. They will explore the economic outlook and obstacles confronting BRICS member states.

Schoolchildren, students, undergraduates, graduate students, postgraduates, and young professionals will attend this BRICSonomics  event. Participants will come from Russia and other BRICS nations. The event provides a unique opportunity for participants to network, share ideas, and gain valuable insights. They will explore the economic prospects and challenges facing the BRICS member countries.

Expert Insights

The forum will feature a range of expert speakers, including economists, policymakers, and business leaders from the BRICS countries. These experts will share their insights on the current economic landscape, discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the BRICS nations. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with these experts, asking questions and gaining a deeper understanding of the complex economic issues facing the BRICS countries.

BRICSonomics 2024 is set to make a significant impact on the field of international economics, gathering experts and enthusiasts to delve into the economic prospects and challenges faced by BRICS member nations. This landmark event will provide a unique and immersive experience for attendees, featuring insightful debates, investment opportunities, and expert insights. Don’t miss this opportunity and join the conversation at MGIMO on April 23rd.

Participating in BRICSonomics 2024 provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the unique opportunities and obstacles in BRICS countries. The event not only addresses critical economic challenges but also offers a chance to establish valuable connections. Participants can network with experts and peers, potentially influencing their future career paths. As BRICS nations gain prominence in the global economy, events like BRICSonomics 2024 become increasingly vital as a hub for innovative collaboration and economic growth.

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