BRICS Urbanisation Forum Strategies for Urban Environment

BRICS Urbanisation Forum Creating Sustainable Strategies for Urban Environment

BRICS Urbanisation Forum: Creating Sustainable Strategies for Urban Environment

Fostering International Cooperation in Urban Development

Russia recently hosted a plenary session of the BRICS Urbanisation Forum, entitled “Creating Sustainable Strategies for the Development of Urban Environment”. This event brought together high-level representatives from different countries, including Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Urban Development, Housing, and Infrastructure from Brazil, Ethiopia, China, India, and other nations.


Sharing Best Practices in Sustainable Urban Development

The BRICS Urbanisation Forum facilitated knowledge exchange among member countries. Participants shared experiences in sustainable urban development and transformation. Moreover, they discussed effective digital solutions for Smart Cities. Irek Faizullin, Russia’s Minister of Construction and Housing, highlighted the significance of multidisciplinary cooperation. He emphasized that BRICS collaboration is founded on equality, mutual respect, and openness. Additionally, Faizullin stressed the importance of pragmatism, solidarity, and continuity in this partnership.


Green Construction: A Key to Sustainable Development

The BRICS Urbanisation Forum prioritized green construction discussions during its plenary session. Participants explored ways to enhance energy efficiency in buildings and industrial facilities. They emphasized the importance of unified design solutions to minimize environmental impact.

Furthermore, the forum highlighted the value of knowledge sharing in sustainable urban development. Experts examined the experiences of China and the UAE as potential models. Consequently, these insights are shaping the development of an interstate green standard for the Eurasian Economic Union.The forum also addressed Smart Cities, linking sustainable construction practices with digital solutions.

This approach aims to create more efficient and environmentally friendly urban environments. Overall, the BRICS Urbanisation Forum fostered collaboration on crucial urban development challenges.


Russia’s Ambitious Plans for Urban Development

The BRICS Urbanisation Forum highlighted Russia’s ambitious urban development goals. By 2030, Russia plans to enhance 30,000 public spaces across the country. Additionally, they aim to implement 1,600 winning projects in small and historical settlements.

Furthermore, Russia intends to improve public utilities for 20 million residents. This initiative includes constructing and modernizing 2,000 drinking water supply facilities. These efforts align with the forum’s focus on creating Smart Cities and sustainable urban environments.

The forum emphasized the importance of integrating these development plans with digital solutions. Consequently, Russia’s urban transformation strategy combines infrastructure improvements with smart technology implementation. This approach aims to enhance the quality of life in cities across the nation.


Benefits of International Cooperation

The BRICS Urbanisation Forum has proven itself as a valuable platform for fruitful exchange of views and best practices. By fostering international cooperation, countries can learn from each other’s experiences and share their expertise in sustainable urban development and Smart Cities initiatives. This collaboration can lead to more effective solutions and faster progress in achieving sustainable urban development goals.

Indeed, the BRICS Urbanisation Forum serves as a crucial platform for promoting sustainable urban development, Smart Cities, and green construction. Through collaborative efforts, countries can therefore create a better future for urban residents. Moreover, this cooperation helps to significantly reduce the environmental impact of urban growth.

As the world continues to urbanize, international cooperation and knowledge sharing become increasingly important. The forum enables countries to work together, addressing urban challenges and implementing innovative solutions. Consequently, the BRICS Urbanisation Forum plays a vital role in shaping sustainable and smart urban environments.

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