BRICS Power Conference in Mumbai

BRICS Towards a Global Centre of Power Conference in Mumbai

BRICS Power Conference: Towards a Global Centre of Power

The Russian House in Mumbai recently organized an International Conference. It collaborated with two institutions for this event. First, the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Mumbai. Second, the humanitarian organization Shailendra Education Society.This BRICS Power Conference brought global experts together. The title was “BRICS: Towards a Global Centre of Power.” Participants discussed the future of the BRICS alliance. Furthermore, they analyzed its potential to become influential globally.Undoubtedly, this International Conference held great significance. It provided a platform for diverse perspectives. Consequently, it facilitated dialogue on this crucial topic. Ultimately, such events foster understanding and cooperation.

A Global Dialogue

The BRICS Power Conference adopted a mixed format. Participants could attend in person or join online. As a result, it attracted attendees from five countries worldwide.Thirty professors from various universities presented their papers. They hailed from India, Russia, Egypt, UAE, and Tajikistan. Their presentations highlighted the significance of BRICS. Specifically, they focused on its role in global economics and politics. This International Conference provided a valuable platform. Experts shared diverse perspectives on the BRICS alliance. Moreover, they discussed its potential global impact. Undoubtedly, such dialogues foster greater understanding and cooperation.

Russia’s Commitment to BRICS

The speakers emphasized Russia’s commitment to an equal and respectful dialogue with its partners, which is reflected in the expansion of partnership contacts through the accession of new members to BRICS. Moreover, Russia has always stood for an equal and respectful dialogue with partners, as noted by Elena Remizova, director of the Russian House. This commitment is crucial in today’s multipolar world, where global power dynamics are shifting rapidly.

BRICS Expansion: A New Era

The participants also discussed various issues on the agenda of the alliance, including security, economic issues, and deepening cultural and educational ties within the alliance. Professor Shoaib Khan from Mumbai University noted that the BRICS expansion looks very symbolic against the backdrop of many countries’ aspirations to reform the world order to take into account the interests of the global South.

Shaping the Future of Global Politics

In this context, the “BRICS: Towards a Global Centre of Power” conference in Mumbai marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the BRICS alliance, with Russia at the helm. As the world moves towards a multipolar order, the significance of BRICS cannot be overstated, and events like this conference will play a crucial role in shaping the future of global politics and economy.

Future Conferences and Collaborations

Elena Remizova, director of the Russian House, announced plans to organize several more conferences related to Russia’s BRICS chairmanship. These conferences will provide a platform for experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from the BRICS expansion. Furthermore, they will facilitate collaborations between universities, think tanks, and policymakers to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.

In conclusion, the “BRICS: Towards a Global Centre of Power” conference in Mumbai demonstrated the growing importance of BRICS in shaping the global economy and politics. As Russia takes the helm of BRICS, the world is witnessing a significant shift in the global power dynamics. Not only did the conference highlight the significance of BRICS, but it also paved the way for future collaborations and conferences that will shape the future of global politics and economy.

Moreover, this event provided a platform for experts from diverse backgrounds to share their perspectives and insights. Consequently, it facilitated a deeper understanding of the role BRICS plays in the global arena. Furthermore, the mixed format of the conference allowed for a broader reach, attracting attendees from various countries worldwide.

Ultimately, such initiatives are crucial in fostering dialogue and cooperation among nations. Additionally, they contribute to the development of strategies and policies that can address global challenges more effectively. As BRICS continues to gain momentum, events like this conference will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future course of international relations and global governance.

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