Global Centre of Power Conference Held in Mumbai

BRICS Towards a Global Centre of Power Conference Held in Mumbai

BRICS: Towards a Global Centre of Power Conference Held in Mumbai

The Russian House in Mumbai recently hosted the international conference “BRICS: Towards a Global Centre of Power”, a significant event marking Russia’s chairmanship in the association. This prestigious event was co-organised by the Centre for Jewish Studies of the University of Mumbai and the humanitarian organisation Shailendra Education Society.

Russia’s Commitment to Dialogue and Partnership

The director, Elena Remizova, emphasized the conference’s mixed format. Participants could attend in person or join online. This approach facilitated engagement from five countries worldwide. Moreover, thirty distinguished professors from universities across India, Russia, Egypt, UAE, and Tajikistan presented their papers. Their participation underscored the significance of an equal, respectful dialogue. Consequently, the ‘International Conference’ emerged as a ‘Global Centre of Power’ for fostering collaboration.

BRICS Expansion: A Symbol of Global Shift

Professor Shoaib Khan from Mumbai University highlighted the BRICS expansion. This symbolic move reflects many countries’ aspirations to reform the world order. Additionally, it prioritizes the interests of the global South.Furthermore, the ‘International Conference’ explored various BRICS agenda issues. These included security, economic cooperation, and deepening cultural and educational ties. Consequently, the event emerged as a ‘Global Centre of Power’ for reshaping global dynamics.

Key Takeaways from the Conference

The speakers emphasized that the Russian Federation has always stood for an equal and respectful dialogue with partners. The accession of new members to BRICS also means the expansion of partnership contacts. Furthermore, the participants discussed the importance of strengthening economic cooperation, enhancing cultural exchange programs, and promoting educational ties among BRICS nations.

Russia’s Leadership in BRICS

Russia’s BRICS chairmanship demonstrated a commitment to strengthening the alliance. It also aimed to promote global cooperation. The ‘International Conference’ underscored BRICS’ importance in shaping global power dynamics. As a key BRICS player, Russia is poised for a significant role. It will promote economic growth, cultural exchange, and educational cooperation among members. Consequently, the conference emerged as a ‘Global Centre of Power’ for advancing BRICS’ agenda.

Future Conferences in the Pipeline

Elena Remizova announced that the Russian House in Mumbai is planning to organise several more conferences related to Russia’s BRICS chairmanship. These upcoming events are expected to further explore the dynamic role of BRICS in shaping the global power landscape.

In conclusion, the BRICS international conference in Mumbai marked a significant milestone in Russia’s chairmanship in the association. The event highlighted the importance of dialogue, partnership, and cooperation among BRICS nations, setting the stage for future collaborations and initiatives that will shape the global power dynamics.

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