10th Parliamentary Forum BRICS in St. Petersburg

10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum Strengthening Multilateralism in St. Petersburg

10th Parliamentary Forum: Strengthening BRICS Multilateralism in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Hosts 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum

St. Petersburg will host the 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum on July 11-12, 2024, during Russia’s BRICS Chairship. This year’s theme focuses on strengthening multilateralism for global development and security. Consequently, the event will bring together BRICS lawmakers to address pressing global issues. Moreover, this legislative assembly will serve as a crucial platform for dialogue and cooperation. Furthermore, participants will explore ways to enhance parliamentary diplomacy and foster international collaboration. In addition, the gathering will highlight the importance of legislative bodies in shaping global policies. Ultimately, this summit aims to reinforce the role of parliaments in promoting a just and secure world order.

Strengthening Multilateralism through Parliamentary Cooperation

The 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum will kick off with a plenary meeting titled “The Parliamentary Dimension of BRICS: Prospects for Strengthening Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation.” This meeting will set the tone for the Forum, which aims to strengthen multilateralism through parliamentary cooperation. The ceremony to sign a protocol to the Memorandum of Understanding on the BRICS Parliamentary Forum will follow, marking a significant step towards promoting inter-parliamentary dialogue.

Delegations to be Led by Top Russian Parliamentarians

The delegations of Russia’s chambers of parliament will be headed by Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko and the State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin. Their presence will add weight to the discussions and provide valuable insights into Russia’s vision for BRICS cooperation.

Enhancing Efficiency in International Relations

The Parliamentary Forum’s first plenary session will explore how legislatures can enhance and democratize international relations. Representatives from BRICS nations, invited countries, and inter-parliamentary organizations will convene to address these crucial issues. Furthermore, participants will discuss strategies to bolster multilateralism and improve global governance. This legislative assembly aims to foster cooperation and dialogue among diverse nations. Moreover, attendees will share insights on strengthening parliamentary diplomacy in a changing world. Additionally, the gathering will focus on developing concrete actions to promote international collaboration. Ultimately, this summit seeks to reinforce the role of parliaments in shaping a more equitable global order.

Countering Global Crises through Parliamentary Action

On the second day, the plenary meeting session will shift its focus to the role of parliaments in countering the fragmentation of the multilateral trading system and overcoming threats caused by global crises. BRICS parliamentarians will share their insights on how to address these pressing issues and work towards finding solutions.

Promoting Interparliamentary Humanitarian and Cultural Cooperation

The third expanded plenary meeting session will delve into the importance of interparliamentary humanitarian and cultural cooperation. This discussion will highlight the significance of people-to-people exchange and cultural understanding in promoting global peace and stability.

Tune in Online

The events of the 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum will be broadcast on the website of the Vmeste-RF TV channel, the website of the Federation Council, and on social media, ensuring that everyone can stay updated on the discussions and outcomes.

Roscongress Foundation: Managing Russia’s BRICS Chairship

The Roscongress Foundation will manage Russia’s BRICS Chairship events, including the 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum. Their expertise ensures a seamless gathering of global lawmakers. Consequently, St. Petersburg will play a pivotal role in shaping future international cooperation. Moreover, this legislative summit will address critical issues facing the world today. Furthermore, the assembly will highlight the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in fostering global understanding. Additionally, participants will explore innovative approaches to tackle shared challenges. As a result, this gathering underscores the crucial role of parliaments in strengthening multilateralism. Ultimately, the event aims to promote collaboration and dialogue among diverse nations. This summit promises to be a significant step towards enhancing global governance and cooperation.

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