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  • 2014: November 17-19, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2012: February 6-8: New Delhi
  • 2011: March, Beijing 
  • 2010: April, Brazil 

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BRICS National Statistical Authorities officials meetings

The BRICS National Statistical Authorities Officials Meetings are a series of forums involving the national statistical organizations from the BRICS countries, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These meetings play a pivotal role in enhancing cooperation and sharing best practices among the member countries regarding the collection, analysis, and dissemination of statistical data.

The primary aim of these meetings is to ensure that statistical methodologies and practices are aligned to the extent possible among the BRICS nations, enabling comparability of data which is crucial for multilateral research, policy-making, and tracking progress on common goals and initiatives, such as those related to economic development, trade, the environment, and sustainable development.

Here are various dimensions related to the BRICS National Statistical Authorities officials’ meetings:

Purpose and Agenda:
The meetings generally center around discussions on contemporary statistical processes, addressing the challenges of data collection in a fast-changing economic and technological environment, enhancing the quality of official statistics, and adapting to new data sources and techniques.

Collaborative Projects:
This could involve joint statistical publications, such as reports on the economic and social indicators of the BRICS countries, as well as cooperative work on developing new indicators that are relevant to emerging markets and their specific conditions. These projects promote the exchange of knowledge and technical expertise.

Training and Capacity Building:
Often, these meetings identify areas where member countries can benefit from mutual assistance and capacity building. This can involve the organization of workshops, training programs, and seminars on various statistical methods and tools.

Themes and Topics of Discussion:
Meetings typically address themes of current global importance, like measuring the digital economy, environmental and sustainability statistics, financial statistics, and demographic data analysis. They may also handle administrative topics like the governance of statistical systems and ways to increase the use of statistics in public decision-making.

Implementation of Technologies:
Bridging the digital divide within and across the countries, by adopting new technologies for data collection and analysis is a recurrent discussion topic. This includes big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the use of administrative data.

Preparation for Statistical Challenges:
Discussion around how to tackle global challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on statistical processes and data collection, might also take place, preparing nations to be more resilient and adaptable.

Data Sharing and Exchanges:
The meetings are also a platform to formalize agreements on data sharing, harmonizing statistical classifications, and ensuring the protection of sensitive information in line with privacy laws and international standards.

Outcomes and Implementation:
Concrete outcomes of these meetings may include the preparation and adoption of joint action plans, protocols for data sharing, and the formation of technical working groups to continue work on specific issues beyond the meeting.

Frequency of Meetings:
The frequency of BRICS National Statistical Authorities meetings may be annual or biannual, often scheduled around or in conjunction with other BRICS forums or summits, to provide statistical support for the broader economic and political agendas of the group.

By fostering this spirit of cooperation and partnership, BRICS National Statistical Authorities aim to enhance the credibility and comparability of national statistics, thereby providing a strong foundation for BRICS countries not only to chart their own economic paths but also to contribute to global discussions with a united and informed voice.

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