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BRICS Ministers of Agriculture Meeting August 8-12 2023, South Africa.

The 13th BRICS Ministers of Agriculture meeting took place from August 8-12, 2023, in Mookgophong, Limpopo, South Africa. The meeting aimed to enhance cooperation among BRICS member countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—focusing on sustainable agricultural production and increasing productivity.

Key Themes and Objectives

The meeting was held under the theme “Strengthening collaborations towards sustainable agricultural production and increasing productivity.” The primary objectives included:

  • Promoting effective solutions for food security and nutrition.
  • Strengthening skills development to improve sectoral efficiency, productivity, and inclusivity.
  • Unlocking economic opportunities across the agricultural and food value chains.
  • Strengthening post-pandemic economic recovery through inclusive and innovative agricultural systems to achieve the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Major Outcomes

  1. Joint Declaration: The BRICS Ministers signed a Joint Declaration outlining areas of collaboration, including:
    • Reducing the impact of climate change on agriculture and food production.
    • Ensuring access to food for the most vulnerable populations.
    • Enhancing agricultural technology cooperation and innovation.
    • Strengthening the exchange of agricultural information.
  2. Climate Change: The Ministers emphasized the need for joint efforts to address climate change impacts on agriculture. They called for the provision of means of implementation for developing countries to enhance the adaptive capacity and resilience of food and agricultural production systems.
  3. Food Security: The meeting highlighted the multi-sectoral and multidimensional challenges of achieving food security and nutrition. The Ministers stressed the importance of collaborative approaches to ensure access to food for all, including vulnerable groups such as women, youth, children, older people, and persons with disabilities.
  4. Agricultural Trade: The Ministers supported the reform of the global agricultural trade system to benefit developing economies. They encouraged policies that enhance open, free, and fair agricultural trade and the removal of unjustified trade restrictions.

Additional Activities

The meeting was part of a series of events leading up to the 15th BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg from August 22-24, 2023. Prior to the meeting, the BRICS Road Show 2023 was held in Bloemfontein, Free State, to encourage discussions on economic development, rural development, and climate-smart technologies.

Overall, the 13th BRICS Ministers of Agriculture meeting underscored the importance of collaboration among BRICS countries to address global agricultural challenges, promote sustainable practices, and enhance food security.

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