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BRICS Ministers for Disaster Management Meet in St. Petersburg, Russia in April 2016

The first meeting of BRICS Ministers for Disaster Management was convened by Russia and held in St. Petersburg on April 19-20, 2016. This inaugural meeting laid the foundation for cooperation among the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) in the field of disaster management.Key outcomes of the St. Petersburg meeting:

  1. Adopted the St. Petersburg Declaration: The Ministers adopted a joint declaration containing an action plan to develop cooperation in emergency management. This included areas like improving tools for monitoring and forecasting emergencies, risk assessment, and mechanisms for providing assistance during emergencies.
  2. Agreed on a Joint Action Plan: The St. Petersburg Declaration outlined a specific Joint Action Plan comprising the following points:
    • Officially informing about contact persons in BRICS emergency services for establishing direct ties
    • Participation of specialists in exhibitions and conferences on emergencies in BRICS countries
    • Establishment of rapid exchange of information on emergencies
    • Participation of search and rescue teams/observers in emergency response exercises in BRICS territories
    • Exchange of experience on improving response to natural and man-made disasters, training of specialists
  3. Roadmap for Implementation: At the subsequent 2nd BRICS Disaster Management Ministers meeting in Udaipur, India in August 2016, a detailed Roadmap was agreed upon for implementing the St. Petersburg Joint Action Plan from 2016-2018.  This included setting up a Joint Task Force on Disaster Risk Management.

The St. Petersburg meeting recognized the common challenges posed by natural and man-made disasters to BRICS nations. It aimed to promote cooperation in preventing emergencies and developing coordinated responses, as mandated by the 2015 Ufa Declaration. The meeting highlighted BRICS countries’ commitment to mitigating climate change impacts, implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals related to disaster management. This first ministerial meeting paved the way for institutionalizing disaster management cooperation among the BRICS bloc through subsequent meetings, joint task forces, and collaborative initiatives.

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