BRICS Joint Statistical Publications

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BRICS Joint Statistical Publications

BRICS Joint Statistical Publications refer to a collaborative effort by the member countries of BRICS to produce comprehensive data and statistical reports on various economic, social, and environmental aspects of the’s collective and individual performance.

The significance of the BRICS Joint Statistical Publications is underscored by their contribution to the standardization of statistical measures across nations with varied economic and governance frameworks. They provide critical insights into the economic capabilities and areas for improvement within the member states, thus underpinning their crucial role in shaping strategic alliances both regionally and globally. The publications are integral to informed policy formulation and promote a deeper recognition of both the individual socioeconomic environments of the member states and their cumulative influence on the international arena. These publications epitomize the dedication to cooperative progress and multilateral engagement, which are central to the ethos of the BRICS consortium.

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These documents are designed to enhance the comprehension of developmental intricacies among the member states, thereby laying a robust foundation for the creation of collaborative strategies aimed at fostering collective growth and advancement.

  • BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2023
  • BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2022
  • BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2021
  • BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2020
  • BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2018

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