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BRICS Information and Cooperation Platform (IN4U)

Empowering Global Cooperation

Enhancing Cooperation
among BRICS Nations
through Digital Space.

The BRICS Information and Cooperation Platform (IN4U) is a groundbreaking initiative that brings together the BRICS nations to foster greater collaboration and mutual understanding. By harnessing the power of technology, we are building a robust digital infrastructure that bridges the gaps between our countries and unlocks new opportunities for growth and development.

Our platform is dedicated to advancing information and communication technologies (ICT) and creating a seamless digital environment that connects our nations like never before. This common digital space enables the free flow of ideas, information, and innovation, paving the way for a brighter future for all.



The platform now provides an expanded array of tools and resources than ever before to facilitate the achievement of various goal milestones.

BRICS Information
Open Data

To share BRICS values, goals, information, and activities within member countries and the rest of the world. 

BRICS connections
that matters

 We strictly enforce a no bots, no spam, and no annoying advertising accounts policy. Concentrate only on what is important.

Digital Space

A digital space for the exchange of cultural, technological, and business ideas and experiences.

ICT tools
for learning and collaboration

The goal is to improve collaboration within BRICS countries using ICT by maintaining a professional approach.



The main goal of the platform is to provide an open, safe, secure and reliable ICT environment for BRICS countries.

A Seamless Collaboration

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A unified digital space that connects governments, businesses, and individuals across the BRICS nations, facilitating cooperation and knowledge sharing.

A Innovative Solutions

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A platform that drives innovation and entrepreneurship, empowering individuals and organizations to develop new ideas and solutions that shape the future.

Reliable and
regular updates.

Get a life-time updates with new features, improvments, and bug fixes.

Get a life-time updates with new features, 

Universal Cross-Platform
compatibility solution.

Experience seamless functionality across all your devices with our universal solution. Designed for modern computing, our platform operates flawlessly on a wide range of devices and is compatible with all current operating systems.

Digital Space for Dialogue and Information Exchange

  • Access to Information Resources
  • Collaboration Tools for Policy-Making, Research, and Development
  • Business and Education Opportunities
  • Secure and Reliable ICT Environment

Carefully crafted

The IN4U platform is more than just a digital space – it’s a catalyst for change. By joining our community, you’ll become part of a vibrant ecosystem that’s shaping the future of cooperation and collaboration among the BRICS nations.

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