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2017 Informal Meeting: July 7, Hamburg, Germany

The 2017 Informal BRICS Leaders’ Meeting took place on July 7 on the margins of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. This event presented an opportunity for the heads of the BRICS states—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—to come together and exchange views on issues of common interest in a less formal environment than the annual BRICS Summit.

Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany known for its major port and commercial hub, was a significant venue, symbolizing the interconnectedness of global commerce, which is a key concern for the economies of the BRICS nations. The city has historically been a place of international trade and diplomacy, making it an appropriate backdrop for discussions that would likely touch on global economic governance, trade practices, and investment initiatives.

The discussions at the informal gathering in 2017 were contextualized by the shifting global political landscape and the challenges faced by multilateralism. Certain issues such as the persistent low-growth environment in the global economy, protectionist sentiments in various parts of the world, and climate change were likely high on the BRICS agenda.

The meeting occurred at a time when the global community was looking toward these leading emerging economies for direction and stability. Anticipated items for exploration during the meeting included the implementation and goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the progress and future trajectories of the New Development Bank, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which require collective action among the world’s largest economies.

From a political standpoint, the discussion may have also touched upon regional security concerns, including the situation in the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula, and the need for a coordinated effort to combat terrorism.

Furthermore, the BRICS nations frequently use these meetings to prepare the ground for their own summit. In 2017, the leaders were gearing up for the 9th BRICS Summit scheduled for September in Xiamen, China. The informal dialogues would serve to steer the course for that summit, aiming at a more detailed and action-oriented agenda.

The 2017 Informal BRICS Meeting in Hamburg facilitated the strengthening of the coalition’s strategic partnerships and provided a unified front for BRICS countries to assert their presence and influence on the world stage in discussions related to economic policy, global governance, and cooperation on key global challenges. These meetings are critical for BRICS nations to underscore their commitment to multilateralism, collective problem-solving, and fostering an inclusive and balanced global economic growth trajectory.

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