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Information Accuracy

At IN4U, we are committed to delivering high-quality content on our website. We strive to provide accurate, reliable, and verified information to our users. While we take every effort to ensure the accuracy of our content, we cannot guarantee its infallibility. We acknowledge that occasional errors or inaccuracies may occur, and we disclaim any liability for such instances. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to providing the most reliable information possible, and we continually work to improve the quality of our content.

Information Availability

Please note that the availability of information on this website depends on each BRICS country member government agencies, their willingness to cooperate, and the pace of their official verified public information release. Some countries’ government agencies cooperate little or none at all. As a result, the frequency and quality of updates may vary depending on the country and the type of information. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Free Access to BRICS Information

The BRICS Joint Website section is dedicated to providing free and unrestricted access to information for everyone. This commitment is anchored in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, following the Ufa BRICS Summit in Russia on July 9, 2015. Building on the strategic initiatives outlined in the Action Plans from the BRICS Summits in Durban (2013) and Fortaleza (2014), our website is a testament to the partnership’s commitment to cooperation, transparency, and open knowledge sharing. Explore our resources, free from any restrictions, and stay informed about the latest developments in the BRICS community.

Unbiased and Inclusive Information Exchange

At IN4U, we are committed to maintaining a neutral and impartial stance in the dissemination of information. We refuse to be a tool for information warfare or influence peddling, and instead, strive to provide a platform for open and equal exchange of ideas and knowledge. As such, every BRICS member state has equal privileges in terms of information exchange, publication, and cooperation. Furthermore, every citizen of a BRICS member state has equal access to information and opportunities for engagement on our platform. Guided by the principles and values of the United Nations, we operate on the foundation of human rights, dignity, and respect. However, we acknowledge that local legislation in some countries may restrict citizens’ access to information or participation in IN4U activities. Despite these limitations, we remain committed to promoting transparency, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all.

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