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About BRICS Joint Website and IN4U

The BRICS Joint Website and BRICS Information and Cooperation Platform IN4U is an independent, non-governmental initiative that aims to foster cooperation and information exchange among the BRICS nations. Established in 2022 by Igor Petrenko, IN4U is not affiliated with any BRICS state or government agency, and its development and operation are solely funded by Igor Petrenko, without any external funding from third parties.

History and Mandate

The creation of IN4U is rooted in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the foreign affairs ministries of the BRICS countries during the Ufa BRICS Summit in Russia on July 9, 2015. This agreement builds upon the strategic initiatives outlined in the Action Plans from the BRICS Summits held in Durban (2013) and Fortaleza (2014). IN4U’s primary objective is to provide high-quality information and facilitate cooperation among BRICS countries, while maintaining its independence and autonomy.

Mission and Approach

IN4U’s mission is to serve as a neutral platform, providing a conduit for information exchange, collaboration, and mutual understanding among the BRICS nations. While the platform may engage with BRICS government agencies, it does not work on their behalf. Instead, IN4U operates as a bridge, fostering connections and cooperation among the ten member countries, while promoting the values of independence, impartiality, and transparency.

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If you would like to know more about the inspiration behind IN4U, our mission, and motivation, please visit our Our Story, Mission, and Motivation section of this website.

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The Information and Cooperation platform IN4U is a digital hub for BRICS members to collaborate, share information, and promote cooperative initiatives. Stay connected and engaged with the latest developments.


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The Cooperative Framework of BRICS by IN4U platform is a dedicated digital space for fostering collaboration and cooperation among inter BRICS government entities and international organizations.

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