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BRICS Environment Ministers meeting on July 30, 2020

The 6th BRICS Environment Ministers Meeting held on July 30, 2020.

The Environment Ministers Meeting is a crucial part of this collaboration, focusing on environmental issues and sustainable development.

Meeting Details

Host and Format
– Hosted by: Russia (as part of its 2020 BRICS Chairmanship)
– Format: Virtual meeting (due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions)

– Environment Ministers from all five BRICS nations
– Senior officials and experts from related departments

Key Discussions and Outcomes

1. Environmental Challenges
The ministers discussed pressing environmental issues affecting BRICS countries and the global community, including:
– Climate change mitigation and adaptation
– Biodiversity conservation
– Sustainable resource management
– Air and water pollution

2. Cooperation Framework
– Emphasized the need for strengthening intra-BRICS cooperation on environmental matters
– Discussed potential joint projects and initiatives

3. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
– Reaffirmed commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
– Explored ways to align national environmental policies with SDGs

4. Green Recovery
– Addressed the importance of incorporating environmental considerations in post-COVID-19 economic recovery plans
– Discussed strategies for promoting green technologies and sustainable practices

5. Biodiversity Conservation
– Highlighted the importance of protecting ecosystems and preserving biodiversity
– Discussed preparations for the upcoming UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15)

6. Climate Action
– Reaffirmed commitment to the Paris Agreement
– Exchanged views on national climate policies and potential areas for collaboration

Joint Statement

The meeting concluded with the issuance of a joint statement that:
– Summarized the key points of discussion
– Outlined agreed-upon areas of cooperation
– Reaffirmed BRICS countries’ commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development

Working Group Session

Following the ministerial meeting, a session of the BRICS Working Group on Environment was held to:
– Develop action plans for implementing the ministers’ decisions
– Propose specific projects and initiatives for environmental cooperation


This meeting was particularly important because:
1. It demonstrated BRICS countries’ commitment to environmental issues despite the global pandemic.
2. It provided a platform for sharing best practices and experiences in environmental management.
3. It helped maintain the continuity of BRICS cooperation in a challenging year.
4. The outcomes of this meeting informed other BRICS ministerial meetings and contributed to the overall BRICS agenda for 2020.

The 6th BRICS Environment Ministers Meeting played a crucial role in advancing environmental cooperation among BRICS nations and reaffirming their commitment to sustainable development in the face of global challenges.

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