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BRICS Environment Ministers meeting on August 15, 2019 Brazil

The 5th BRICS Ministers of Environment Meeting was held on August 15, 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Detailed Meeting Agenda

1. Urban Environmental Management

The ministers discussed strategies to improve the quality of life in cities through better environmental management. This included:

  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Green infrastructure development
  • Efficient public transportation systems
  • Energy-efficient buildings

2. Contaminated Areas and Soil Remediation

Discussions focused on:

  • Identifying and mapping contaminated sites
  • Developing cost-effective remediation technologies
  • Sharing best practices for soil restoration
  • Implementing policies to prevent future contamination

3. Water Quality

The ministers addressed:

  • Improving water treatment facilities
  • Reducing industrial and agricultural water pollution
  • Protecting freshwater ecosystems
  • Enhancing water conservation efforts

4. Circular Economy

In the context of sustainable consumption and production, the meeting covered:

  • Promoting recycling and waste reduction
  • Encouraging eco-friendly product design
  • Developing markets for recycled materials
  • Implementing extended producer responsibility

5. Marine Protected Areas and Marine Litter

Discussions included:

  • Expanding and effectively managing marine protected areas
  • Strategies to reduce plastic pollution in oceans
  • Coastal ecosystem conservation
  • International cooperation on marine environmental protection

6. Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

The ministers exchanged views on:

  • BRICS countries’ contributions to global biodiversity targets
  • Aligning national biodiversity strategies with global goals
  • Enhancing biodiversity monitoring and reporting

Specific Outcomes and Commitments

  1. Knowledge Sharing Platform: Agreement to create a digital platform for sharing best practices and technologies related to urban environmental management.
  2. BRICS Environmental Research Network: Proposal to establish a network of research institutions from BRICS countries to collaborate on environmental studies and innovations.
  3. Capacity Building Programs: Commitment to organize joint training programs and workshops for environmental professionals from BRICS countries.
  4. Urban Biodiversity Initiative: Launch of a program to promote biodiversity conservation in urban areas across BRICS nations.
  5. Circular Economy Action Plan: Development of a joint action plan to promote circular economy principles in key industrial sectors.
  6. Marine Litter Reduction Target: Setting a collective target for reducing marine plastic pollution from BRICS countries by 2025.

Follow-up Mechanisms

  1. Working Groups: Establishment of thematic working groups to follow up on specific areas of cooperation.
  2. Annual Progress Reports: Agreement to produce annual reports on the implementation of environmental cooperation initiatives.
  3. BRICS Environment Ministers’ Joint Statement: Issuance of a comprehensive joint statement outlining shared priorities and commitments.
  4. Engagement with Other BRICS Forums: Decision to integrate environmental considerations into other BRICS cooperation mechanisms, such as the BRICS Business Council and BRICS Think Tank Council.

This expanded information provides a more comprehensive overview of the meeting’s scope, discussions, and outcomes, highlighting the BRICS countries’ commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges through collaborative efforts.

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