BRICS Countries Unite Against Terrorism

BRICS Unite Against Terrorism

BRICS Countries Unite: Ajit Doval Calls for Collaborative Fight Against Terrorism

In a significant move, India’s National Security Adviser, Ajit Doval, has urged BRICS countries to join forces in the fight against terrorism. During an official statement, Doval highlighted India’s commitment to leveraging digital technology for inclusive economic growth. Moreover, he emphasized the need for international cooperation to establish a secure and inclusive framework for information security. Additionally, Doval stressed that by working together, BRICS nations can combat terrorism more effectively. Furthermore, he noted that such collaboration would promote economic growth and ensure a safer world for future generations.

Strengthening International Cooperation Against Terrorism

Doval stressed the importance of involving all stakeholders, including governments, the private sector, academia, technical communities, and civil society, in developing a roadmap for cooperation. He emphasized the need for periodic institutional dialogues to build a common understanding of critical issues and strengthen ties among BRICS countries.

Capacity Building for a Secure Future

Moreover, Doval stressed capacity building’s importance. This includes training, education, awareness programs, and security standards for new tech. Additionally, he advocated for cooperation mechanisms at national and global levels. The goal is to combat terrorism and ensure information security. Furthermore, he called for establishing these mechanisms.

India’s Commitment to Combating Terrorism

India remains committed to combating the financing of terrorism and the misuse of information and communication technologies by terrorists and criminals. Doval also mentioned the UN Convention on Cybercrime as a significant international initiative in this regard.

BRICS Countries Unite for International Security

At the 12th international security meeting, Doval met Nikolai Patrushev. They discussed bilateral cooperation progress. The St. Petersburg meeting had 106 countries’ representatives. They discussed information security, national identity preservation, and traditional values. These were seen as key for international security, peace, and stability.


In conclusion, BRICS unites against terrorism. India’s commitment is to digital tech, info security, global cooperation. This sets a strong precedent for a secure, inclusive future. Working together, these nations can build a robust framework. It will combat terrorism, promote economic growth. This ensures a safer, stable world for future generations.

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