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  • 2015: November 11-13, Durban 
  • 2013: India
  • 2011: September 20-22, Beijing
  • 2009: September 1, Kazan, Russia

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BRICS Competition Authorities officials meetings

The gatherings of the BRICS Competition Authorities are pivotal forums for deliberation on matters of competition policy and enforcement among the member countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The primary objectives of these assemblies are to promote equitable competition, cultivate a transparent and impartial market setting, and advance sustainable economic progress within the BRICS consortium.

Areas of Focus:
The purview of the BRICS Competition Authorities’ meetings extends across a broad spectrum of competition law and policy areas, including but not limited to:

– Coordinated efforts in investigating and countering anti-competitive conduct such as cartels, the misuse of market dominance, and anti-competitive mergers.
– The sharing of insights and procedural knowledge pertaining to competition regulation and market dynamics.
– The pursuit of policy alignment to facilitate smoother cross-border transactions and mitigate the potential for regulatory discrepancies.
– The development of collaborative educational initiatives and research projects designed to bolster the capabilities of each nation’s competition regulatory body.

The mandate of the BRICS Competition Authorities is to proactively participate in exchanges and collaborations aimed at heightening the efficacy of competition law enforcement within their respective territories. These bodies are entrusted with the responsibility of enacting and upholding policies that deter anti-competitive practices, thereby safeguarding consumer welfare and encouraging innovation and operational efficiency within their markets.

The significance of these meetings lies in their ability to harmonize regulatory tactics, thereby easing the operational landscape for businesses within the BRICS nations. They offer a platform to confront and address international anti-competitive behaviors that may impede the growth and progression of burgeoning markets. Furthermore, through synchronized endeavors, the BRICS countries are better positioned to tackle the complexities introduced by global economic integration and the digital transformation affecting competitive environments.


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