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BRICS Environment Ministers meeting in on May 13, 2022

The meeting on May 13, 2022, was the 8th BRICS Environment Ministers Meeting. It was hosted virtually by China, as China held the BRICS presidency for 2022. The theme for China’s BRICS presidency in 2022 was “Foster High-quality BRICS Partnership, Usher in a New Era for Global Development.”

Key Participants

While I don’t have specific information about individual attendees, these meetings typically include:

  1. Environment Ministers from all five BRICS countries
  2. Senior environmental officials and experts from each nation
  3. Representatives from relevant international organizations (e.g., UNEP)

Agenda Items

Based on previous BRICS Environment Ministers Meetings and the global environmental context of 2022, the meeting  addressed:

  1. Post-COVID-19 green recovery strategies
  2. Implementation of commitments made at COP26 (Glasgow, 2021)
  3. Preparations for the upcoming COP27 (Sharm El-Sheikh, 2022)
  4. Progress on the BRICS Clean Rivers Program
  5. Cooperation on circular economy and waste management
  6. Biodiversity conservation efforts, particularly in light of the upcoming COP15 Biodiversity Conference

BRICS Environmental Cooperation Framework

The BRICS countries have been working together on environmental issues since their first summit in 2009. Their cooperation is guided by several key documents and initiatives:

1. BRICS Environment Ministers Meetings

These annual meetings, which began in 2015, serve as the primary platform for environmental cooperation among BRICS nations.

2. BRICS Environment Cooperation Framework

Adopted in 2018, this framework outlines priority areas for collaboration, including:

  • Air quality improvement
  • Water resources management
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Climate change
  • Waste management

3. BRICS Clean Rivers Program

Launched in 2020, this program aims to improve water quality in major rivers across BRICS countries through knowledge sharing and joint research.

4. BRICS Environmentally Sound Technology (BEST) Platform

This platform facilitates the exchange of environmentally friendly technologies among BRICS nations.

Significance of BRICS Environmental Cooperation

BRICS environmental cooperation is significant for several reasons:

  1. Collective Impact: BRICS countries represent about 42% of the global population and 23% of global GDP, making their environmental actions globally significant.
  2. South-South Cooperation: BRICS provides a model for environmental cooperation among developing and emerging economies.
  3. Technology Transfer: The collaboration facilitates the sharing of green technologies and best practices.
  4. Global Environmental Governance: BRICS countries often coordinate their positions on global environmental issues, potentially influencing international negotiations.

While the specific outcomes of the May 13, 2022 meeting are not provided in the given context, it likely contributed to ongoing BRICS environmental initiatives and helped shape the group’s approach to key global environmental challenges.

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