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BRICS Anti-Corruption officials meeting 2015 November 1, St. Petersburg

The press office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation has announced that St. Petersburg was the venue for a high-level meeting of officials from the BRICS nations. During this gathering, the officials engaged in a comprehensive dialogue on the BRICS countries’ strategies regarding international anti-corruption collaboration. The discussions also covered topics slated for the 6th session of the Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention against Corruption and examined the operational framework of the BRICS anti-corruption working group. This framework, initially proposed by Russia, was refined to reflect the collective input of all BRICS member country delegations.

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor General’s office detailed that the refined parameters encompass several key initiatives. These initiatives aim to formulate unified stances among BRICS members for global anti-corruption cooperation under the United Nations’ auspices. They also seek to spearhead joint initiatives and synchronize efforts within other international contexts, including the OECD, APEC, the Group of Twenty, and the FATF. Moreover, the parameters envision the creation and implementation of shared anti-corruption tools and initiatives pertinent to areas of mutual interest among BRICS nations.

Additionally, the parameters advocate for the establishment of collaborative educational and training programs aimed at corruption prevention for public officials from BRICS member states. They also promote the organization of joint anti-corruption workshops and conferences, the sharing of best practices for preventing and combating corruption, and the enhancement of practical cooperation in anti-corruption efforts, which encompasses law enforcement collaboration.


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