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BRICS Agriculture Ministers Meetings 2021 August 27 virtual hosted by India

Action Plan 2021-2024 for Agricultural Cooperation of BRICS Countries

Action Plan 2021-2024 for Agricultural Cooperation of BRICS Countries

– Based on the consensus reached by the 12th BRICS Summit;
– Considering the effects of the Action Plan 2017-2020 for Agricultural Cooperation of BRICS countries;
– Considering the Joint Declaration of the 10th Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development and the Bonito Declaration;
– The draft Action Plan 2021-2024 for Agricultural Cooperation of BRICS Countries is hereby formulated to be submitted to the 11th Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development for approval;
– BRICS countries shall exchange information, provide necessary resources, and facilitate cooperation to meet all the activities below according to national capabilities:


This Action Plan is developed to achieve the following objectives:

– Accelerate and sustain agricultural development for enhanced food security and nutrition, especially in view of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic across all countries; step up efforts to enhance water use efficiencies in agriculture; support efforts in alleviating poverty and hunger at the global level, exchange policies experience in ensuring food security, enhance food supply capacities of BRICS, and contribute to a food secure world;
– Advance mechanisms for recovery from the pandemic including by enhancing of trade of safe and quality agro-products and investment of BRICS agribusiness.
– Promote agro biodiversity for food security and nutrition.
– Promote new solutions for sustainable agriculture through exchange of successful BRICS sustainability framework models with special reference to smallholder and family farmers, including models to support women, youth, and the elderly farmers;
– Share information and best practices in the field of agriculture including through Basic Agriculture Information Exchange System of BRICS countries and the BRICS Agricultural Research Platform.

Thematic Areas

i. Strengthening agri value chains for food security and welfare of farmers
– BRICS shall deepen exchange for strengthening agri value chains to enable farmers to cater to domestic as well as global markets through improved synergy between Governments, private sector including Non-Governmental sectors and agro food industry;
– BRICS shall improve cross learning in production of high value crops to enhance global supply chains and returns to farmer-producers
– BRICS shall promote information/knowledge and technology exchange as it relates to plant and animal health as well as food safety and quality assurance.
– BRICS shall strengthen cooperation on food loss and waste reduction inter-alia through sharing technologies and practices.

ii. Conservation and promotion of agrobiodiversity for nutrition and sustainability
– BRICS will collaborate for promotion of agrobiodiversity, sustainable management of natural resources, conservation and protection of ecosystems and climate change adaptation
– BRICS shall promote new solutions to sustainability
– BRICS shall promote traditional knowledge, supported by science, and local food systems for enhanced food security and nutrition.

iii. Enabling climate change adaptation by enhancing resilience of food and agricultural production systems through sustainable use of natural resources
– BRICS will carry out joint research and develop efficient technologies that can boost agricultural production and productivity and adapt to climate change.
– BRICS shall endeavor to assist smallholder farmers to improve their adaptability to climate change through technical cooperation, technology demonstration, training and knowledge exchange.
– BRICS will continue to work together on surveillance and early warning and reporting systems to increase the capacity to respond to risks related to extreme weather events and climate change.
– BRICS shall promote policies aiming at increasing water efficiency to ensure long-term sustainable use of water through better management to enable continued agricultural development.
– BRICS will share best practices and innovative experiences of agricultural resilience to natural disasters and adaptation to climate change.

iv. Promoting digital agricultural solutions through technology innovation for achieving SDGs
– BRICS will cooperate in the sphere of digital technology solutions for agricultural development, and utilize their shared potential for innovative modalities of cooperation among stakeholders;
– BRICS will jointly work to implement thematic research programs as agreed under the Agricultural Research Platform (ARP) to fulfill the objectives.
– BRICS shall recognize the important role of new technologies and solutions to improve agriculture productivity and increase farmers’ income. As BRICS countries, we will foster exchanges of these solutions among our nations.

v. Cooperation in the field of SPS measures and One Health Approach
– BRICS will work together through a multi-sectoral approach for human, animal and environmental health by way of basic research and tools to accelerate the global fight against Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) in agriculture and food systems and to prevent, reduce and manage biological threats and risks to agriculture and food security.
– BRICS will promote the implementation of internationally agreed sanitary, veterinary and phytosanitary standards, to harmonize export accreditation procedures
– BRICS will encourage research and knowledge sharing at both international and national Government levels as well as creating synergy with international organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Organization of Animal Health (OIE), International Plant Protection Convention and Codex Alimentarius Commission.

vi. Trade development
– BRICS will promote development of agricultural businesses and strengthen trade dialogues, apply Basic Agriculture Information Exchange System for trade policy exchange, improve trade facilitation, and expand scale and scope of trade and investment in agriculture.
– BRICS will expand participation in exhibitions, trade and investment forums, or other events, and encourage and assist enterprises of respective countries to participate in other economic and trade promotion activities held by the BRICS member countries.
– BRICS will exchange agricultural information for improving the transparency, stability and predictability of agricultural markets.

Operational Mechanism

– Each priority shall be led by a BRICS member in collaboration with and participated by other members in accordance with national capacity.
– Annual debriefings shall be organized to review and evaluate progress of implementation of the Action Plan.
– The debriefing shall be organized by the country holding the BRICS presidency, and shall produce a progress report for the Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development.
– Each member shall have a liaison team, which will be in charge of this Action Plan, and communication on cooperation programs.

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