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BRICS Agriculture Ministers Meetings 2020 September 23 virtual hosted by Russia

The 10th Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development was a significant diplomatic event that took place virtually on September 23, 2020, amidst the global challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an international summit involving the BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—this meeting brought together the respective heads of the agriculture ministries from these major emerging economies.

Purpose and Goals of the 10th Meeting:
1. To foster cooperation among the BRICS nations in the field of agriculture and agrarian development, with the shared goal of ensuring food security, combating hunger, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
2. To discuss the profound impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on food systems and to develop collaborative strategies for recovery and resilience in the agricultural sector.
3. To exchange innovative ideas and best practices in agriculture that can be adapted to the diverse conditions of the BRICS countries.

Agenda Highlights:
– The meeting’s agenda would likely have covered a broad range of topics pertinent to agriculture and rural development, including:
– Review of progress in the implementation of the BRICS Agricultural Cooperation Plan 2017-2020.
– Identification and discussion of new areas of cooperation in line with the updated BRICS Agricultural Cooperation Plan 2021-2024.
– Dialogue on sustainable farming practices, with a focus on preserving biodiversity, using water and land resources judiciously, and maintaining ecological balance.
– Discussion on innovative technology in agriculture, such as digitalization, precision farming, and biotechnology to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability.
– Exchange on policy frameworks and programs that could offer support and relief to the agricultural sector affected by the global pandemic.
– Collaboration in agricultural research, education, and capacity building to empower the rural communities in the BRICS nations.

The 10th meeting would have resulted in a joint declaration or communique, outlining the shared visions and commitments of the BRICS nations towards enhancing cooperation in agricultural sectors and ensuring mutual food security. It would also have laid down an action plan for the collective approach of member nations to address contemporary and future agricultural challenges.

Given the diversity of climatic, cultural, and economic conditions represented by the BRICS nations, their united front on agriculture and agrarian development presents ample opportunities for shared learning and collaboration that can greatly benefit not only the member nations but also contribute to the global discourse on sustainable development and food security.

The 10th BRICS Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development reflects the strategic significance of agricultural cooperation for economic stability and growth. It provides insights into how major emerging economies come together to promote collective efforts for enhancement and resilience in the face of global challenges. The outcomes and shared strategies from this meeting are critical for shaping the future of agricultural policies and practices in the BRICS nations and beyond.

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