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BRICS Agriculture Ministers Meetings, October 29 2013, Pretoria, South Africa

The 3rd Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development represented a pivotal step by the BRICS nations towards confronting the pressing issue of climate change’s negative impact on food security worldwide. The participating ministers gathered in Pretoria, solidifying their collective resolve to pursue agricultural progress and cooperation within their bloc. Key discussions led to the acknowledgement of prior declarations and initiatives that encouraged inter-BRICS collaboration and positive strides in domestic agriculture.

In the face of economic and environmental adversities, the ministers not only reaffirmed BRICS’ potential to counteract global food crises but also charted a forward path through strengthened partnerships, technological exchanges, and policy coherence. Strategic alliances for agricultural technology were initiated to combat the adverse effects of climate change, with a special emphasis on safeguarding the interests of smallholder farmers. This reflects a concerted effort to address the interconnected challenges of agrarian development, food security, and climate resilience.

Moreover, the conference placed significant emphasis on global developmental agreements such as the MDGs, stressing the importance of international cooperation to help developing countries meet these goals. The gathering also featured discussions on bolstering trade, investment, and best practices in agriculture to spur mutual development amongst BRICS countries. By endorsing the IYFF 2014 and setting up a framework for ongoing collaboration, the ministers showcased a dedication to sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods.

The meeting ultimately generated a comprehensive roadmap for advancing BRICS agricultural cooperation and influencing the wider international agenda on sustainable development, poverty eradication, and the fight against inequality. The spirit of collaboration was further cemented with the United Nations’ recognition of family farming’s critical role and the unanimous support for Brazil as the host of the subsequent ministerial conference, underlining the continuous commitment of BRICS nations to engrain agriculture as a cornerstone for equitable and sustainable development.

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