Academies of Sciences BRICS Forum: Fostering Cooperation

BRICS Academies of Sciences Forum Fostering International Cooperation

BRICS Academies of Sciences Forum: Fostering International Cooperation

The BRICS Academies of Sciences Forum, a premier platform for promoting scientific cooperation and partnership among the BRICS member countries, kicked off in Moscow on the basis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The forum, which coincides with Russia’s chairmanship of BRICS and the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences, aims to foster international scientific collaboration, mutual development, and prosperity among the participating nations.

Welcoming Address

Welcoming the participants, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Konstantin Mogilevsky emphasized the significance of scientific cooperation in achieving the goals of the BRICS association. “The scientific track is one of the key areas of cooperation between the BRICS member countries. By synchronizing our efforts, we can guarantee progressive development for all participating countries,” he noted.

Key Areas of Cooperation

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has identified several key areas of cooperation within the framework of the Russian chairmanship in BRICS. These include launching flagship research projects in fields such as astronomy, information and communication technologies, and biotechnology. The ministry also plans to expand the list of scientific installations within the BRICS GRAIN (Global Research Advanced Infrastructure Network) platform and provide access to research facilities and data for scientists.

Promoting Academic Mobility

The Academies of Sciences develop an interstate program. This program facilitates academic mobility and international cooperation. It enables exchange programs for young scientists. Moreover, it conducts international land and sea expeditions.

Additionally, the Russian Geographical Society establishes a new event. The Day of the Geographer celebrates BRICS countries. Furthermore, a scientific expedition accompanies this event. It will explore Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia Republic. These Research Projects promote international collaboration among scientists.

Cooperation in Humanities

Moreover, the forum will focus on cooperation in the field of humanities, including history, linguistics, and sociology. This cooperation will enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise among member countries, further strengthening the bonds between them.

International Rating

Furthermore, work will continue to form an international rating of scientific and educational organizations of the countries participating in the association. This rating will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the scientific capabilities of each member country, enabling the identification of areas for improvement and collaboration.

The BRICS Academies of Sciences Forum significantly advances international scientific cooperation. It actively promotes research projects and academic mobility. Additionally, it facilitates knowledge sharing among member countries.

Over the next two days, the forum continues. The heads of member state academies will engage in discussions. Firstly, they will discuss academic partnerships and nature-like technologies. Secondly, they will cover scientific diplomacy. Finally, they will examine comprehensive security in a new multipolar context.

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