Russia Tourism Plans to Attract 2 Million Visitors

Boosting BRICS Tourism Russia's Ambitious Plans to Attract 2 Million Visitors

Boosting Russia Tourism: Ambitious Plans to Attract 2 Million Visitors

Growing Tourism Opportunities

During the recent meeting of tourism ministers from BRICS countries, Russia’s Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov unveiled the country’s ambitious plans to increase the number of tourists visiting from BRICS nations. According to Reshetnikov, Russia is poised to become a top destination for BRICS tourism, with a focus on developing various tourism opportunities, including ski resorts, water parks, cultural tourism, and rural tourism.

Diversifying Tourism Infrastructure

To attract more tourists from BRICS countries, Russia has implemented a special program that includes the construction of modular hotels and the provision of soft loans specifically for hotel construction. This initiative is expected to result in the commissioning of over 30,000 new hotel rooms in the near future. Additionally, Russia boasts an impressive portfolio of over 300 five-star hotels, 2,000 four-star hotels, and 5,000 three-star hotels, making it an ideal destination for BRICS tourists.

Strengthening Tourism Partnerships

Russia’s Tourism sector is advancing through strategic initiatives. St. Petersburg’s Centre of Competence in International Tourism is spearheading professional development in the industry. Additionally, it offers crucial support measures for partners in Tourism Development.

Furthermore, Reshetnikov expressed optimism about enhancing tourist mobility among BRICS nations. He believes that implementing convenient connecting flights will strengthen tourism partnerships. Consequently, this initiative aims to boost Russia Tourism and foster international collaboration.

These efforts align with Russia’s broader Tourism Development goals. By improving connectivity and professional expertise, the country seeks to attract more visitors. Ultimately, these strategies aim to elevate Russia’s position in the global tourism market.

Russia’s BRICS Tourism Priorities

During the meeting in Cape Town, Reshetnikov outlined Russia’s main priorities for its upcoming BRICS presidency in the tourism sector. These include the development of a unified tourism product, a strategy to promote Russia’s tourism potential within BRICS, the harmonization of tourism standards, and the development of digital solutions in collaboration with other BRICS countries. By focusing on these key areas, Russia aims to establish itself as a leader in BRICS tourism development.

Aiming High: 2 Million BRICS Tourists by Next Year

Russia is actively pursuing ambitious plans to boost BRICS tourism. The country focuses on developing tourism infrastructure and enhancing tourist mobility among member nations. Additionally, Russia is promoting its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty to BRICS tourists.

These efforts aim to position Russia as a top destination for BRICS travelers. Consequently, the country expects to surpass 2 million trips from BRICS nations by next year. Reshetnikov emphasizes that implementing these measures will significantly increase tourist numbers from BRICS countries.

Furthermore, Russia’s convenient tourism infrastructure supports this growth. As a result, the country is solidifying its position as a leader in BRICS tourism. Overall, Russia’s Tourism Development strategy aligns with the broader goals of the BRICS Urbanisation Forum.

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