ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum: IN4U Ambassador Attends

ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum Enhancing Regional Cooperation and Economic Integration

ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum

The ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum, a vital platform for ASEAN member countries, fosters dialogue and partnerships to address regional challenges.

Promoting Economic Integration and Addressing Shared Challenges

The forum focuses on promoting economic integration, addressing shared challenges such as maritime security, sustainable development, and connectivity. Furthermore, it aims to enhance regional cooperation, a crucial step towards sustainable growth in the Indo Pacific region. The ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum provides an opportunity for member countries to collaborate on various issues, ensuring a unified approach to addressing regional concerns.

Roundtable Discussion: Exploring Opportunities for Partnerships

The UK-ASEAN Business Council recently organized a roundtable discussion. Lady Cali de Cadenet, our ambassador, represented BRICS IN4U at this event online. Firstly, participants explored potential involvement in the upcoming Indonesia Investment Forum 2023 in September. Additionally, the discussion emphasized the significance of ASEAN’s partnerships with external allies, including the UK. Finally, these collaborations aim to foster economic integration and regional cooperation.

Inaugural ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum: A Milestone Event

Indonesia, the Chair of ASEAN, will host the inaugural Forum from 5th-7th September in Jakarta. ASEAN will hold the milestone meeting alongside the ASEAN Summit and East Asia Summit. The event aims to highlight ASEAN centrality and the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo Pacific. ASEAN Leaders, Dialogue Partner Leaders, and senior business figures will participate in the Forum. This inaugural forum seeks to build stronger cooperation between ASEAN members and Indo-Pacific partners. Additionally, it will establish ASEAN as a center of regional growth. The forum will focus on green infrastructure, digital transformation, and sustainable financing.

Themes and Priorities: Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

The themes of today’s discussion, such as Green Infrastructure and Resilient Supply Chain, Inclusive Digital Transformation and Creative Economy, and Sustainable and Innovative Financing, are crucial in supporting ASEAN’s efforts to be the centre of growth for the region. Infrastructure projects in ASEAN are being highlighted at the Forum, which is essential in supporting the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025. These initiatives will play a vital role in promoting sustainable development and economic growth in the region.

In conclusion, the ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum significantly advances regional cooperation and economic integration. Firstly, it fosters dialogue between ASEAN and external partners, including the UK. Additionally, the forum addresses shared challenges and promotes sustainable development in the region. Furthermore, it shapes the region’s economic landscape as ASEAN pursues sustainable growth. Consequently, the Forum plays a crucial role in steering the region towards a prosperous future. Finally, this initiative aligns with ASEAN’s vision of becoming a major economic player by 2030.

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