Economic Reforms Al-Sisi Prioritizes Industrial Localisation


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi recently addressed the nation, emphasizing the importance of economic reforms and industrial localisation as top priorities for his new term. He reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting the private sector and providing social protection for vulnerable groups. Furthermore, he emphasized the need for political openness and reform, particularly in empowering youth and advancing women’s rights.

Economic Reforms: The Key to Unlocking Growth

President Al-Sisi stressed that economic reforms will be crucial in driving Egypt’s economic growth and development. He highlighted the need for a competitive business environment, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. By fostering a favorable business climate, Egypt can attract foreign investment, create jobs, and improve living standards. Consequently, the government aims to reduce bureaucracy, simplify regulations, and increase transparency to facilitate business operations.

Industrial Localisation: Promoting Self-Sufficiency

The President also emphasized the significance of industrial localisation, which involves promoting local industries and reducing reliance on imports. This strategy aims to increase self-sufficiency, create employment opportunities, and stimulate economic growth. By supporting local industries, Egypt can reduce its trade deficit and become more competitive globally. For instance, the government plans to establish industrial zones and provide incentives for local manufacturers.

Social Protection: Empowering Vulnerable Groups

In addition to economic reforms and industrial localisation, President Al-Sisi pledged to provide social protection for vulnerable groups, including women, youth, and low-income families. He underscored the government’s commitment to ensuring access to quality education, healthcare, and housing for all Egyptians. Moreover, the government aims to implement programs that promote social inclusion, reduce poverty, and enhance social welfare.

A Balanced Foreign Policy

Looking ahead, President Al-Sisi outlined his vision for a balanced foreign policy, based on national security interests and the pursuit of comprehensive peace and justice. He expressed confidence in Egypt’s ability to overcome challenges and realize its aspirations, guided by a shared vision for the homeland. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of strengthening regional and international partnerships to promote economic cooperation and security.


In conclusion, President Al-Sisi’s priorities for his new term are clear: economic reforms, industrial localization, and social protection. By focusing on these key areas, Egypt can achieve sustainable economic growth, improve living standards, and become a more competitive player on the global stage. As Egypt embarks on this new chapter, the government’s commitment to reform and development will be crucial in unlocking the country’s full potential.

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