Abu Dhabi Heritage Established to Preserve Emirati Legacy

Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority Established to Preserve Emirati Legacy

Establishing the Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority

In a significant move to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates, President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a law establishing the Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority. This new entity will replace the UAE Heritage Club and the Abu Dhabi Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee, marking a significant step forward in the country’s efforts to protect and promote its Emirati heritage.

Preserving Emirati Heritage and Traditions

The Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority develops strategies. First, it preserves Emirati heritage and traditions. Additionally, it promotes traditional values in society. Moreover, it bolsters national identity.Consequently, the Authority documents traditional practices meticulously. It also conducts research on literature diligently. Furthermore, it studies traditions thoroughly. Besides that, it supports Nabati poetry initiatives actively. Finally, it backs Classical Arabic poetry endeavors enthusiastically.

Promoting National Identity and Cultural Values

Furthermore, the Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority will review historical research and publications on the history of the Emirati language and its spoken dialects. In addition, the Authority will examine poetry, written, visual, and audio materials about the UAE and its leadership. The comprehensive approach ensures the preservation and promotion of the UAE’s rich cultural heritage.

Organizing Cultural Events and Programmes

The  Authority will also manage and organise festivals, exhibitions, and heritage programmes inside and outside the emirate. This will involve coordination with relevant stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of these events. By doing so, the Authority will provide a platform for the community to engage with Emirati heritage and traditions.

A New Era for Emirati Cultural Heritage

The establishment of the  Authority marks a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to preserve and promote its cultural heritage. By supporting initiatives that celebrate Emirati heritage and traditions, the Authority will play a vital role in promoting national identity and cultural values. As a result, the rich legacy of the UAE will be preserved for generations to come.

Looking Ahead

The Abu Dhabi Heritage Authority will play a crucial role in preserving and promoting Emirati culture and traditions. It will develop strategies to protect and promote cultural heritage. Through these strategies, the Authority ensures the UAE’s rich cultural legacy is preserved for future generations.

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