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BRICS Information & Cooperation Platform

Our focus priorities and strategy projects

The BRICS Information & Cooperation Platform functions as an essential nexus for the advancement of cooperation and development among the BRICS member nations . Our activity is centered on strategic initiatives designed to enhance direct investment prospects, propel regional growth, and ensure alignment with BRICS policies.


Through our platform, we aim to foster a culture of collaboration among key stakeholders in the BRICS countries, including government agencies, private sector organizations, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. By bringing these diverse groups together, we create opportunities for cross-sector partnerships that leverage each group’s unique strengths and resources to achieve common goals.


Development is a core focus of our platform, as we believe that investing in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other key sectors is essential for driving economic growth and improving quality of life for citizens in the BRICS countries. Through targeted initiatives and programs, we support sustainable development projects that create jobs, improve access to basic services, and promote social inclusion.

Direct investment plays a crucial role in advancing our platform’s objectives by providing the financial support necessary to implement impactful programs and projects. We work closely with investors and financial institutions to identify opportunities for investment that align with our goals of promoting economic expansion and sustainable progress in the BRICS countries.


Adherence to BRICS policies is a foundational principle of our platform, as we recognize the importance of working within the established frameworks and guidelines set forth by the BRICS member countries. By aligning our initiatives and activities with the policies and priorities of the BRICS nations, we ensure that our efforts are in line with the broader objectives of promoting cooperation and development within the bloc. In sum, our platform serves as a catalyst for positive change within the BRICS countries by prioritizing collaboration, development, direct investment, and adherence to BRICS policies.


Through our work, we aim to support the growth and prosperity of the BRICS nations while fostering greater cooperation and understanding among the member countries.

main focus


–  Framework
–  Relationship building
–  Complexity
–  Communication
–  Understanding
–  Diplomacy


–  Economic Cooperation
–  Infrastructure Development
–  Sustainable Development
–  Innovation and Technology
–  People-Centered Development
–  Governance and Multilateralism

Direct investment

–  Enhanced Data Exchange
–  Risk Mitigation Strategies
–  Cross-border Investments
–  Investment Innovation
–  Capacity Building Initiatives
–  Advocacy and Coordination


–  Strategic Proposal Development
–  Cross-Organizational Collaboration
–  Evidence-Based Policy 
–  Policy Advocacy Campaigns
–  Monitoring and Evaluation
–  Policies Enhancement

what we do

Our priorities

Our priorities within the platform encompass Education, Culture, Business, and Ecology. By prioritizing these key sectors, we strive to facilitate cross-border cooperation, promote cultural exchange, boost business opportunities, and address environmental challenges collectively across the BRICS community.

In order to effectively address the diverse needs and interests of the BRICS community, we have identified Education, Culture, Business, and Ecology as our primary areas of focus. By prioritizing these key sectors, we aim to create a platform that fosters collaboration and mutual understanding among member countries.

Education is essential for the development of human capital and the promotion of innovation. By investing in education and knowledge exchange, we can build a skilled workforce that is equipped to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

Culture plays a significant role in promoting mutual respect and understanding among nations. Through cultural exchange programs and initiatives, we can celebrate the rich diversity of our member countries and strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation.

Business is the engine of economic growth and prosperity. By creating opportunities for trade and investment, we can stimulate economic development and create jobs for the people of the BRICS community.

Finally, Ecology is a global issue that requires collective action. By addressing environmental challenges together, we can work towards a sustainable future for our planet and ensure the well-being of future generations. By prioritizing these key sectors, we are committed to promoting cooperation, fostering dialogue, and building a better future for the BRICS community as a whole.

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