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Ethics and Compliance

At in4u, we are committed to conducting our business with the highest level of ethical standards, honesty, and in strict adherence to the law. We believe that our conduct is just as important as the quality of our products in contributing to the success of our company. Our Business Conduct and Compliance policies serve as the foundation for how we operate and how we embody our values on a daily basis.


Our Business Conduct Policy outlines the ethical expectations we have for our employees, including honesty, respect, confidentiality, and compliance. All employees are required to certify their understanding and adherence to this policy upon joining in4u and annually thereafter. Any violations of this policy are taken seriously and may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.


Compliance is deeply ingrained in our organizational structure and is a key component of our corporate culture. The Business Conduct and Global Compliance team at in4u focuses on ensuring that our high standards are maintained in the areas of Business Conduct, Antitrust Compliance, and Anti-Corruption Compliance.


To bring our policies to life, all in4u employees must complete mandatory annual Business Conduct training. We also provide additional resources, such as the Business Conduct Helpline and website, for employees to seek guidance and address any concerns.


We hold ourselves accountable by conducting internal and independent third-party assessments of our programs to ensure their effectiveness. We continuously update our policies and training to reflect current trends and best practices. Our Chief Compliance Officer regularly reports to the Audit and Finance Committee of the management on the status of our compliance efforts.

Policy Reinforcement at in4u


At in4u, we prioritize the practical application of our policies through scenario-based training. Our comprehensive Business Conduct training is mandatory for all Sinfop employees and is tailored to their specific line of business. The training covers essential topics such as workplace behaviors, conflicts of interest, gifts, confidentiality, competition, privacy, and adherence to relevant laws and values.


Training on Compliance and Organizational Culture

Our training programs are designed to embody our core values. Every employee is required to undergo annual or bi-annual training on Privacy, Respect at in4u, and Inclusion and Diversity. Depending on their location and role-specific risks and responsibilities, employees receive two to five hours of training each year. We also mandate additional recurring training on Anti-Corruption, Antitrust, Export and Sanctions, and provide specialized training for managers.


Commitment Beyond Compliance

At in4u, we recruit individuals who are dedicated to maintaining our high ethical standards. Our training is not merely a formality; it is a tool that empowers our employees to make informed decisions. In 2022, over 98% of our employees successfully completed the annual Business Conduct training. Our management team plays a crucial role in ensuring that all employees fulfill their training obligations.


Partner Education

We hold our partners to the same high standards of Business Conduct that we expect from our teams. We provide training for eligible partners and representatives to ensure they understand and adhere to our expectations regarding ethical behavior. The training encompasses topics such as workplace behaviors, confidentiality, privacy, and compliance with critical laws.

At in4u, we recognize the importance of raising one's voice when it comes to reporting violations of our policies or the law. Our employees are aware of their responsibility to speak out when they witness any such infractions. Additionally, we encourage third parties to report any concerns through our external helpline, which has been established to provide guidance on our policies and to address potential concerns.


Compliance Reporting Tools at in4u
We are dedicated to providing a platform for individuals to report concerns. To ensure a clear understanding of our policies, we utilize real-life examples and scenarios in our training materials. All in4u employees are required to complete annual Business Conduct training, tailored to their specific line of business. This training covers a range of topics including workplace behavior, conflicts of interest, gifts, confidentiality, competition, privacy, and other relevant laws and values.


No Retaliation Policy
At in4u, we have a strict no-retaliation policy. We will not retaliate, nor will we tolerate retaliation, against any individual who reports a concern or complaint in good faith, or who participates in the investigation of a complaint.


Compliance Reporting Service at in4u
To ensure a thorough understanding and effective resolution of any integrity or compliance concerns, we encourage individuals to familiarize themselves with our ethics and compliance policies before reporting.

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